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Make sure to Zag

2 commentsApril 21, 2008

Everyone’s doing X. You are all going right. I read how an owner of a restaurant threw a knife into the ceiling, why? So the patrons would have something to talk about. So many times we fall back on to what is safe or what will work.

linkto photoI don’t think people enjoy, look forward to or remember ordinary and what everyone is doing. They are all zigging. They are all making games for social networks (yea I know). They all […]

The Mis-Education

18 commentsApril 7, 2008

In Argentina I talked with Kareem about how jacked the education system is. My buddy Jared gave me a life-changing book called Teaching as a Subversive Activity that reflects the problem of schools and great ways to improve them.

My question for readers is what is the real education of what you wish you would have learned in school. Let’s create our dream school. I have some suggestions that I think are vastly more valuable than geometry or other pointless things […]

The Beer Diet

19 commentsApril 4, 2008

I love optimizing things and one of my new favorite things is my body. Yay! Sexy Noah time. Anyways, I wanted to highlight beer optimization or “de” optimizing it. For some reason people don’t realize the big fat ugly things they can cut in business / life to make things better but neglect for some reason.
link to photo

Let’s say you are on the beer diet, ie. you like drinking beer. You go out with friends and have a beer, oh […]

Hungry? Why change?

9 commentsMarch 31, 2008

I was at a super market last night looking at the candy rack near the checkout stand. I looked at a Snicker’s and started realizing it is always the same bar. Nothing has changed. We always talk about making things better, improving, changing and how things get stale. hasn’t changed their homepage very much and they are doing okay. As well, Snickers bars always cure my hunger.

I guess you can have variations: Snicker’s Almond, Google’s iGoogle homepage and so […]