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The Difference: Successful People and Losers

A few months ago, members from our course came in-person to a workshop I held in Seattle. We drank whiskey, cried, and reviewed each person’s business. Everyone was challenged as we spent over 4 hours working businesses like: freelance designer, hangover pills, web hosting and more. After the workshop, I looked at Anton (Biz-Dev Sumo)…

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The Mis-Education

In Argentina I talked with Kareem about how jacked the education system is. My buddy Jared gave me a life-changing book called Teaching as a Subversive Activity that reflects the problem of schools and great ways to improve them. My question for readers is what is the real education of what you wish you would…

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We Ran the Marathon!

It’s over. 26.2 miles. Wow. I can barely walk and you were with me the whole time. It was funny. I was running and someone said it is nice you are running for all the people’s names on your shirt. That made me feel good for about a second until I went back to being…

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My Mom’s Theories

My mom is the cutest little Jewish mother ever. At work they call her “q-tip” because of her afro. She has two sayings that have always stuck with me and I wanted to share them with you. The squeaky wheel gets the grease.   I really like this one. It does not mean to be annoying,…

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The Return on Time

How much time a day do you spend reading blogs? 30-45 minutes How much responding to emails? 2-3 hours Meeting with others? 2-4 hours How much of your day is being productive? I realized I waste WAY TOO much time reading blogs, emailing and not doing the things that count. I know I have to…

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It’s all in the Details

I went to this great Vietnamese fusion restaurant for business 2 weeks ago and something occurred to me in the bathroom. It is all about the details. In many restaurants fancy or not there is so much emphasis on the menu, atmosphere, employees and other things. What about the bathroom? It is something that everyone…

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