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How to Create a Happiness Advantage

24 commentsNovember 6, 2013

Okdork Readers: This is a guest post by my close friend Adam Gilbert. Adam is the Founder of MyBodyTutor, a service he created 7 years ago to help people eat better, lose weight and get in amazing shape. I’m a client and I can’t recommend his service enough.

Adam has helped me to change the way I think about food and exercise along with many other things.

I love the way he [...]

Let me help you meet 1 new person today

1 commentOctober 24, 2013

The form closed at 8am ET on Saturday, October 26. IF we do this again we’ll make sure to notify you (just sign up for Okdork emails). 


Hey Okdork Community,

“The currency of real networking is not greed but generosity” —Keith Ferrazzi

I love that quote.

It redefines that dirty word “networking”. Almost all of the great people in my life have come through friends of friends and random encounters.

Chad, one of my closest friends and my business partner, was introduced to me [...]

Why Customer Services Sucks Ass and ways to improve

37 commentsAugust 16, 2007

I had to call customer service for a problem today and it sucked. I am sure you knew that. Here are some sucky things and ways to improve.

1- Don’t ask to put me on hold. I always say I don’t want to be on hold but you do it cause you planned anyways. Solution: Just say I am going to put you on hold to help you faster.
2- Don’t play shitty music. Solution: Let me choose between a few [...]

Great Conversation Starters

23 commentsJune 26, 2007

A few weeks back I asked you how to get the Meat of a conversation. Well today you get two tips for cool (and casual) conversation starters.

Make up something about them.

Seriously, I love this one. I say “Oh you look like a Rock Climber.” Try to make it somewhat plausible. Usually they aren’t but they will talk about what they are and there you go;) The best is when you guess right. Make a game of it.


I got this one [...]

Book Review of "Chasing Daylight" by Gene O'Kelly

4 commentsMay 9, 2007

Imagine: You’re a 53-year-old CEO of a well-respected international consultancy that spans the industrialized world. As a matter of profession, you socialize with and advise chieftains of multi-billion-dollar firms, and your life is scheduled out eighteen months in advance, optimized to the nth degree from dawn to midnight, juggling the obligations of a family and the demands of a job where your thoughts and insights are constantly sought by colleagues, subordinates, clients and compatriots. Retirement to a golf resort is still over a decade away – until then, every moment brings new challenges, new opportunities and you are primed to handle them with the same energy and focused attention that got you where you are.

Life is good.

Now imagine: a doctor’s visit. You’ve been in excellent health your whole life and expect your recent headaches to be a minor annoyance to be chased away by time or the right handful of pills.

“I have bad news. You have inoperable brain cancer. You have three to six months. I’m sorry.”

Like a rain of lit kerosene on a well-manicured garden, Gene O’Kelly’s meticulously-planned, ordered life was torched in an instant, and he now has to compress the balance of his life into 100 days.

What would you do?

Business Card Pre-Mature Ejaculation

23 commentsApril 18, 2007

Yesterday, I was fortunate enough to speak at Web 2.0 and met a fair amount of people. Thanks Dave for hooking it up. The audience was mostly asleep but it was still great speaking and I hope people got some value out of our panel. But the point of this article is about some of the people at Web 2.0.

Ladies? Do you know about pre-mature ejaculation? It sucks, no pun intended.

How does this relate to business? People do this ALL [...]