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It’s my birthday!

12 commentsFebruary 17, 2016

​A few weeks ago I read an article where the writer said, “I’m only going to experience my sons birthday 8 times until he’s 8 years old.”

Never miss my birthday

That finiteness of time really stuck with me:

    How many times can I actually listen to this song?

    How many times can I eat at Taco Deli?

    How many emails can I ever send you?

There’s only so much of everything. That’s why it’s critical to be intentional about who and how you are […]

Are things happening to you or are you making things happen?

134 commentsSeptember 2, 2014

There is one key difference I’ve noticed among successful business owners and the “wantreprenuer” crowd. One group is waiting for the right _______ (fill in the blank). And the other group decided to make things happen for themselves. Period.

I’ll let you take a lucky guess on which group is successful.

Today, I want to show you three perfect examples of what it looks like to “make things happen” for yourself.

Example 1:

James Clear is a good friend and an impressive […]

the expert curse

95 commentsJuly 15, 2014

at a dinner with my friend tucker i confided with him i was overwhelmed working on okdork.

when you start out in your business and do crazy things or experiment and it works or doesn’t, who cares. there’s no one to watch you fall. you’re just playing around without expectations.

one of my favorite quotes recently relates to this expression. it’s from steve jobs.

“the heaviness of being successful was replaced by the lightness of being a beginner again.”

this speaks it so eloquently.

the […]

How to Connect with VIPs: 5 Tips for Cold Emails

53 commentsJuly 8, 2014

This is a guest post by John Corcoran.

Let’s get one thing straight: Noah Kagan really has no business sending me cookies.

Noah is busy running AppSumo, training new entrepreneurs and riding bikes around Austin sampling tacos. Until recently, he had no idea who I was.

And yet here I was, opening my mail to find a box of chocolate chip cookies, with a thank you note from Noah Kagan.

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So why did Noah send me cookies?

Well, it all started with […]