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Why I threw away your Company Christmas Card

14 commentsDecember 25, 2008

Recently I started receiving some holiday cards from companies we’ve worked with and I threw them away right after I opened them. Why you ask? Let’s do a multiple choice test:

a) Cause I am Jew and don’t celebrate Christmas.
b) You didn’t bother to write my name or anything personal to me / the company.
c) You didn’t spend the 2 minutes to know you could have sent me a $5 Chipotle gift card and I would have loved you forever.
d) You [...]

Be Careful what you Advertise

16 commentsMay 15, 2008

Yes, Google Adsense can make you a lot of money but at the same time it can hurt you. Notice anything wrong with this photo?

Solution: Go to Google and filter out your competitor list…

The person with the funniest comment wins the book Difficult Conversations. Channel + Bonus

3 commentsMarch 28, 2008

In Los Angeles for Community Next: Next Generation Media. I saw this crazy new channel on Let’s discuss it in the comments.

Bonus: Also, found a cool new positive rap group called Flobots, watch their video. They are big in Denver. Always curious/interested in how artists can spread their music to more people…Does quality naturally spread?