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Why I threw away your Company Christmas Card

14 commentsDecember 25, 2008

Recently I started receiving some holiday cards from companies we’ve worked with and I threw them away right after I opened them. Why you ask? Let’s do a multiple choice test:

a) Cause I am Jew and don’t celebrate Christmas.
b) You didn’t bother to write my name or anything personal to me / the company.
c) You didn’t spend the 2 minutes to know you could have sent me a $5 Chipotle gift card and I would have loved you forever.
d) You […]

Be Careful what you Advertise

16 commentsMay 15, 2008

Yes, Google Adsense can make you a lot of money but at the same time it can hurt you. Notice anything wrong with this photo?

Solution: Go to Google and filter out your competitor list…

The person with the funniest comment wins the book Difficult Conversations. Channel + Bonus

3 commentsMarch 28, 2008

In Los Angeles for Community Next: Next Generation Media. I saw this crazy new channel on Let’s discuss it in the comments.

Bonus: Also, found a cool new positive rap group called Flobots, watch their video. They are big in Denver. Always curious/interested in how artists can spread their music to more people…Does quality naturally spread?

Labor vs. Capital Round 2: kickball

1 commentMarch 14, 2008

Last time Labor (entrepreneurs) roughed up Capital (venture capitalists) in dodge ball. Hunter, me and David are doing it again with kick ball!

link to photo

Register Here (It’s Free & only 30 slots available)

who? Entrepreneurs / Venture Capitalists in the Bay Area
why? Fun times, prizes and the only chance you’ll have to feel better about rejection.
when? April 11th from 3-5pm at Foster City PJCC

Thanks to our sponsors: August Capital , Greylock Partners , Mohr Davidow Ventures , Perkins Coie and […]