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eduFire Grouporation: Getting More Peeps to Habla Espanol

4 commentsMay 28, 2008

Product: allows people to teach and learn over the Internet using video chat (think education meets eBay meets Tokbox and you’ll get what we’ve built). We’re starting with foreign language teachers and students and will be expanding out from there. The platform is totally open to use to teach and learn and tutors set their own prices for their services. eduFire was recently featured on the CBS News in Los Angeles.

Problem: eduFire launched a couple of […]

Learn a Language Online: How to Reach Users

12 commentsSeptember 20, 2007

We’re creating short and useful language videos for travelers, and are looking for interesting ways to get the word out and start a word of mouth campaign. Are you up for a brainstorm?

Product: is a website that makes it easy to learn other languages using short video clips. You can watch hot girls and guys tell you “Ten Things to Say at a Market in Spain” or “Ten Things in Spanish when on the Vegas Strip” (who doesn’t like speaking […]

Business Networking Sites: LinkedIn on Facebook – Grouporation

4 commentsAugust 23, 2007


The Resume App on Facebook lets you import your LinkedIn resume and recommendations to your Facebook resume. For the non-LinkedIn crowd, it also lets you upload your resume in Word format and converts it to html. It’s basically a way to make Facebook a better business social network.


The app only has 1000 users. Network effects make this exponentially more useful with more users. However, it’s starting to get attention from the press. 2 reporters contacted me for their stories about […] – Explore and Create Timelines the Web 2.0 way

3 commentsJuly 12, 2007

Product: is a site that allows you to create and share interactive timelines. The timeline widget allows users to upload images, videos, sound, and text. As more timelines are created, the site will become a reference destination, like a wikipedia for timelines.

The site already has some interesting timelines about history, biographies, and more. Here are some examples:

Timeline of

History of Video Games

Life of Britney Spears

Problem: Content is a crucial aspect of the site — what’s the best way […]