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When did I stop learning?

7 commentsJuly 5, 2016

Growing up, I loved learning.

I LOVED getting report cards, feeling accomplished, understanding that I was progressing towards some goal and getting recognized for it.

On year 34 of my life, the only measurement I have of success is my bank account, some public attention and an internal barometer of accomplishment.

Gone are the days of teachers, tests and cool gold star stickers.

Now as you advance in your career, you usually only focus on one subject/field. You ignore everything else around you.

You […]

Consistency is boring.

201 commentsApril 18, 2016

In my 20’s, I did not live in one place more than 1 year. I lived on couches for a year and did not rent my first apartment until I was 30.

Yes, I did live in my Aunt’s basement for a year and my Mom’s house for a year post-college. Thanks Mom and Rhonda!

You could say I liked changing things up and experiencing new things all the time.

As I recently turned 34 (that’s ancient in internet age), it dawned on […]

You kept asking, here are my answers

9 commentsMarch 1, 2016

About 100 people subscribe to Okdork every day and they each get a welcome email that asks:

“What is one thing I could write about that’d make your day better?”

Since there are certain topics that come up over and over, I figured I’d go through YOUR most popular questions and answer them for you.

By the way: I HIGHLY recommend you add a question like this to your auto-responder. It’s an amazing way to connect with your subscribers and figure out what […]

Gambit is now Live

16 commentsMarch 11, 2009

After 2 years of working at my startup (kickflip) we’ve released what we’ve been working on to the public, Gambit.

There are many stories of how my 2 partners and I got to this point, which I’ll share later. For now, Gambit is a payments engine for social games and communities.

For a more in-depth review of Gambit, check out the Inside Facebook write up.

I am going back to sleep but check it out and let me know what you think.