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Gambit is now Live

16 commentsMarch 11, 2009

After 2 years of working at my startup (kickflip) we’ve released what we’ve been working on to the public, Gambit.

There are many stories of how my 2 partners and I got to this point, which I’ll share later. For now, Gambit is a payments engine for social games and communities.

For a more in-depth review of Gambit, check out the Inside Facebook write up.

I am going back to sleep but check it out and let me know what you think.

Starting from Nothing: Book Review of Scratch Beginnings

11 commentsOctober 20, 2008

I asked this question to Adam Shepard who wrote Scratch Beginnings which is a great story of him starting from nothing (literally) in a town and what happens 6 months later…

Why should anyone read this book and what will they get out of it? 

There are a couple of reasons to read this book…

First off, it’s entertaining as hell. I met a cast of guys that are way more fascinating than myself (and got my butt kicked by one of them), […]

Email Deliverability Hack: Adding mark as spam in your own email

4 commentsSeptember 11, 2008

With our new startup one of our BIGGEST challenges is getting email into inboxes, and we just started sending them:O If you’ve ever ran a website with more than 20 users, I am guessing you know my pain. I know Ted has written up some great tips on making your email work. So has Auren.

I saw this in my inbox today and was quite impressed. added a mark as spam and and block myYearbook email in their email. This […]

Should you give discounts?

19 commentsAugust 14, 2008

Fortunately, my car and motorcycle have both broken within the week. Yay! Now, my mom is driving me to meetings;) Anyways, I was at JP Automotive (car mechanics) and trying to get a deal. Our conversation went like this:

link to photo

Noah: “JP, I am broke, poor and hungry. Please can I get a discount.”
JP: “No.”
Noah: “Dang, why not”
JP: “Discounts mean you are pricing your thing too high. A discount would cheapen the quality and value of what I am providing.”
Noah: […]