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The friend questions

1 commentJanuary 11, 2017

A few months ago I had dinner with my friends JR, Ben, and his girlfriend Deena.

It started off as an ordinary dinner.

We cooked some delicious ribs, macaroni-n-cheese, collard greens, and rice.

We drank some nice Malbec wine.

We skinny dipped in the pool. Yeah, another usual night.

But then something happened… we all got to know each other way more than we have in MONTHS.

It felt so nice to be even better connected to the people who I’ve known for so long. #friendsaregreat

So […]

how was your 2016?

9 commentsDecember 29, 2016

Every year Warren Buffett writes a letter to shareholders. He does this for them but I’m guessing it’s great for him to recognize his growth, reflect on what he’s done that year and have a cool history to see how things have gone over the years.

I’ve done the same with my life and strangely feel compelled to share it with you.


Cause I think you may learn something about yourself, it forces me to write it out and I get to […]

When did I stop learning?

7 commentsJuly 5, 2016

Growing up, I loved learning.

I LOVED getting report cards, feeling accomplished, understanding that I was progressing towards some goal and getting recognized for it.

On year 34 of my life, the only measurement I have of success is my bank account, some public attention and an internal barometer of accomplishment.

Gone are the days of teachers, tests and cool gold star stickers.

Now as you advance in your career, you usually only focus on one subject/field. You ignore everything else around you.

You […]

Consistency is boring.

207 commentsApril 18, 2016

In my 20’s, I did not live in one place more than 1 year. I lived on couches for a year and did not rent my first apartment until I was 30.

Yes, I did live in my Aunt’s basement for a year and my Mom’s house for a year post-college. Thanks Mom and Rhonda!

You could say I liked changing things up and experiencing new things all the time.

As I recently turned 34 (that’s ancient in internet age), it dawned on […]