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How to Connect with VIPs: 5 Tips for Cold Emails

47 commentsJuly 8, 2014

This is a guest post by John Corcoran.

Let’s get one thing straight: Noah Kagan really has no business sending me cookies.

Noah is busy running AppSumo, training new entrepreneurs and riding bikes around Austin sampling tacos. Until recently, he had no idea who I was.

And yet here I was, opening my mail to find a box of chocolate chip cookies, with a thank you note from Noah Kagan.

So why did Noah send me cookies?

Well, it all started with an email that [...]

Interview with Siggi Hilmarsson of Siggi’s Icelandic Skyr Yogurt

2 commentsJune 14, 2014

A year ago, my good friend Lisa mentioned she met a guy named Siggi who made Icelandic yogurt. I brushed it off, not thinking much of it until 2 months ago when I saw the yogurt of the same name in Whole Foods.

I’d been eating Vanilla Greek yogurt for awhile since it tasted great and has good macro-nutrients. I figured I’d give Siggi’s yogurt a shot.

It was surprisingly creamier than Greek yogurt and had a better nutritional [...]

How to Create Your First Profitable YouTube Campaign

18 commentsMay 29, 2014

I kept seeing Team Treehouse ads on YouTube and was curious how they were performing. So I got introduced to Eric who used to work at Treehouse and did all their YouTube advertising. He was very generous to share below what exactly worked for him with YouTube advertising. A channel that is massive and largely untapped by small advertisers. Take it away Eric…
As a marketer, I’m always looking for the next scalable, cost-efficient channel to acquire customers. Easier said than [...]

How to Start Your First Facebook Retargeting Campaign

39 commentsMay 21, 2014

Have you ever wondered how the hell Zappos can show you ads about the shoes you looked at a few days ago? Or how you can continually see my face all over the internet after you visit

Retargeting can be one of the best ways to attract the right customers and capture additional revenue. Even if you haven’t done much paid advertising, it’s easy to get started.

(For those that already know what retargeting is and how to set up a campaign, [...]