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We Analyzed Nearly 1 Million Headlines. Here’s What We Learned

180 commentsJuly 22, 2014

This is guest post by Garrett Moon, Founder at CoSchedule

Here at CoSchedule, we help our customers plan their blog and social media content on a single drag and drop calendar. This is cool, but what it really means is that we have access to a ton of data about blog headlines, including where those headlines get shared online.

After reaching nearly 1 million blog post headlines in our system, we began wondering about what they could reveal about growing traffic and […]

How Siggi’s Icelandic Skyr Yogurt Started

4 commentsJune 14, 2014

A year ago, my good friend Lisa mentioned she met a guy named Siggi who made Icelandic yogurt. I brushed it off, not thinking much of it until 2 months ago when I saw the yogurt of the same name in Whole Foods.

I’d been eating Vanilla Greek yogurt for awhile since it tasted great and has good macro-nutrients. I figured I’d give Siggi’s yogurt a shot.

It was surprisingly creamier than Greek yogurt and had a better nutritional […]

How to get an eBook to #1 on Amazon

122 commentsMay 7, 2014

It’s no secret that ebooks have taken over the world thanks to Kindle and the iPad. In fact, I am turning my story about being fired from Facebook into my own little eBook.

Recently, Scott Britton sent me an email with 3 tactics for successfully promoting an eBook on Amazon. All of the tips were original and made me rethink how I will launch my own book.

Since then I’ve bribed Scott to share his tactics and knowledge about eBooks with OkDork […]

How to Validate an Idea and Launch Your Product – A Story

10 commentsApril 15, 2014

About two months ago, one of my ideas was rejected. Not by customers, investors, or even strangers. This idea was rejected by some of my closest friends.

So here was my idea…

There’s a limited edition movie poster company called MondoTees. They get local artists to redesign movie posters in a really clean way and only produce a very limited amount of them.

MondoTees tweets when a poster goes on sale and within a few minutes it is sold out. (The aftermarket on […]