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How to Hit #1 on Amazon’s Bestseller List

95 commentsFebruary 17, 2014

Today is my birthday and a gift for myself is letting you know about my good friend Charlie Hoehn’s new book, Play It Away.

This is marketing month on OkDork and we’ve already featured these posts:

How to Grow a Blog to 100,000 Visitors in Less Than a Year

How to Create a Marketing Plan

Month of Marketing Preview


I first met Charlie while he was filming a video for a friend of mine and I got cold water thrown on my face. I remember [...]

The End of Overeating — Book Review

22 commentsDecember 6, 2013

Recently, I crossed something off of my bucket list…

I tried the Dorito Locos Taco at Taco Bell.

As a taco aficionado, I gotta say it was amazing. In fact, it was really hard to stop eating! When I was talking to Adam (my health coach) about this he was telling me how food like this is engineered to be addicting. The combo of salt, sugar and fat can override our brains ability to regulate itself. See science article about it [...]

How to Give More: Give and Take — Book Review

8 commentsNovember 1, 2013

Recently I finished reading Adam Grant’s bestselling book Give & Take: A Revolutionary Approach to Success. Although it took me a few months to read it, but I highly recommend it to anyone serious about structuring their relationships, work and business to be more generous and, in turn, more successful.


Grant breaks the world down into three groups of people: Givers, Takers, and Matchers. Even though this seems over simplistic, he admits that one person can be both a [...]

The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz

15 commentsJuly 18, 2013

The Four Agreements by Don Miguel RuizThe fear of being rejected becomes the fear of not being good enough. Eventually we become someone that we are not.

We keep searching and searching, when everything is already within us.

We have learned to live our lives trying to satisfy other people’s demands. We create an image of how we should be in order to be accepted by everybody. (Click to Tweet!)

Make agreement with yourself to be impeccable with your word, that truth will [...]

Think and Grow Rich: Quotes & Book Review

18 commentsNovember 21, 2012

I just read Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill.

A really powerful book on setting your intention and the power of your subconscious.

The key things from this book for me:

When you really know what you want, set a plan to accomplish. Let nothing stop you and you will be successful.
Pick a mentor group of your favorite people and if you are ever confused, imagine what they’d advise you to do.
A positive mental attitude can solve all problems.


Here are you’ll get [...]

The Power of Habit Book Review

12 commentsNovember 9, 2012

I’m trying something new out. I read about a book a week, I write a book report from every book I read (that I selfishly save to my hard drive).

I figured it may be helpful to share them with others.

This year I’ve formed a fair amount of new habits: morning situp / pushups, new diet, workout routine and other ocd things. Neville and I made a video about how to form, change, and find the right habits on [...]