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Best Tacos in the World

10 commentsOctober 9, 2005

I saw Taco Bell and some other Mexican restaurants and said if I were to open my own how would I differentiate myself and make mine the “place” to be.

I want it:

good quality food
affordable prices

Then I realized there are NO stores out who use excessive vulgarity in their marketing, store names or really anything. So that would be my shtick.

So my restaurant is called “best motherfucking tacos in the god damn world”

On the menu we have

1- Dope ass taco with chicken

2- The […]


no commentsOctober 6, 2005

Did you ever see the poster in junior high about kids having sex and if you have sex with one person it means you had sex with all that persons’ partners. Meaning after your first time you could potentially have sex with 100s from the multiply effect.

i have sex with you
you have sex with him
he has sex with her
and she had sex and her person had sex and so forth

so in the end you are a slut with STDs. what […]

How to Make Employees Happy and Love Your Company

no commentsAugust 11, 2005

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Why are people so passionate about work they do not own? I was at my company and wondered regardless of stock price why people care so much if we ship one extra product or make the additional Million dollars in revenue. I know it relates to performance reviews and job growth but how do you foster ownership in people. Foster the ability to love the company […]

$20 is the new dollar bill

1 commentAugust 3, 2005

When I was in 5th grade I loved the summers. I remember with a
friend named Derrick Garcia we would scavenger hunt for quarters,
pennies, nickels, lint or whatever we could get our hands on.
Evaluating our collection of change we came to $1.09, just enough for
the Jolt Cola in the glass bottle we wanted badly. After purchasing we
felt like gods and looked at that buck as so much money. Then once and
awhile my parents gave me $20, which I thought was like […]