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Business Idea#5: ballseye, aim for perfection

1 commentOctober 22, 2005

Going along with my previous bathroom post I have had this idea to make urinals/bathrooms much more enjoyable and exciting. Urinals have many problems:

1) Boring: Just standing there and staring at the porcelain after 20+ years gets a little tiring

2) Awkward: Ever been next to a guy and you have to look right at your thing or close your eyes until it is all over?

3) Hygene: On many occassions you will see pee stains on the floor and a bad […]

Business Idea#4: blinged bathroom, gleaming your porcelain

no commentsOctober 21, 2005

DAMN! I just wrote up this whole long ass post and it got deleted. Anyway I was in Palo Alto tonight for dinner at Andale mexican restaurant and while I was peeing in the bathroom I realized it was horribly boring. I would call myself a bathroom afficianado and know what makes an enjoyable experience. I would not have mind reading about a Taco recipe, what is in their burritos or a discount for mentioning something on the wall.

This helped […]

Business Idea#3: SNAP, indentured servitude

1 commentOctober 20, 2005

Not the hottest or most appealing title but I really liked this idea. I was talking to my buddy who is getting married (yes we were crying together) and he was discussing how crazy expensive it was. Then he mentioned he was going to the photographer and I asked how much that cost – $5000.

I could not believe for one day of a work a week plus some time afterwards a person could make that much. I am not a […]

Business Idea#2: noah's credit card, show me the rewards

2 commentsOctober 18, 2005

I will share this idea in hopes people may comment and see if this is smart or a waste of time.

Credit Cards. Okay, so you have a credit card and you can get cash back on some, check out Citibank Dividend card, like 5% off gas/supermarket and 1% off everything else.
That’s tight but I only spend around ~$10,000 a year making me around $250 in rewards.

What if I let other people use my card? I would give them some money […]