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Business Terminology is Stupid

3 commentsOctober 28, 2005

How many times in meetings have you heard new tech or business lingo and you have no clue about the meaning? Just because you use crazy, usually made-up, and abbreviated words doesn’t make you any better or “cooler” of an employee. I just wanted to encourage people to use basic and simple words, to make my life and theirs a bit easier.

Here are a few of the keywords you should avoid:


In office-lingo-world, hereby abbreviated to OLW (see how […]

Entrepreneur27: Starting a Start-Up

no commentsOctober 26, 2005

What are the similarities between Web 2.0, Ted Conference & Where 2.0?

1- expensive, $2800 for Web 2.0
2- exclusive, how often did you get to connect with the nerd celebrity who created some “ajax, web 2.0” related product?
3- focus, what are you really getting out of these conferences that you can’t read about?
bonus– they appear when you search expensive technology conference in google

Why does it matter? Great question. Cause I wanted a conference that I would really attend. I am cheap, […]

10 Tips for Successful College Marketing

12 commentsOctober 26, 2005

I was laying in bed at night and thought about where I can help society. And I realized people would appreciate my knowledge in how to get college students attention in a polite way or “permission” as my homie Seth G says. So I racked my brain, ate tons of cheap pizza, did my work really late at night, spent way too many hours instant messenging, talked to college friends, and drank a lot of beer to put me in […]

Business Idea #6: Cookin It, No Longer A Myth

2 commentsOctober 25, 2005

I was lounging on my couch one night watching Food Network’s TV Show, “Good Eats”, when the thought suddenly hit me. I could really go for a quick and easy meal to make, but unlike Alton Brown (the shows host) I suck at cooking and had about $4 in my pocket. Then I realized the need for a college cooking show that helps college students and young professionals make fun and simple food. As well, I noticed recently there is […]