February, 2014 | OkDork.com

The Formula for Creating a 1,000,000 Download Podcast

Howdy everyone. A few months ago, my friend Pat Flynn of Smart Passive Income interviewed me for his podcast. Little did I know that podcasts are a channel with significantly less competition than blogs and a fervent subscriber base that is LARGE in masses. Think about it… Most blog posts you skim while having 30…

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How to Hit #1 on Amazon’s Bestseller List

Today is my birthday and a gift for myself is letting you know about my good friend Charlie Hoehn’s new book, Play It Away. This is marketing month on OkDork and we’ve already featured these posts: How to Grow a Blog to 100,000 Visitors in Less Than a Year How to Create a Marketing Plan…

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I Feel Loved

A week ago I started an Austin Experiences business in 48 hours and generated $6k revenue which I wrote about on AppSumo here. After it was all over, I was struck by how many great friends I have and how fortunate I am. (Of course, I’ve had my fair share of disappointments and have dealt…

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How to Grow a Blog to 100,000 Visitors in Less than a Year

Please meet my friend Peep Laja who I met years ago when he created his first failed startup. He subsequently went on to create one of the most popular marketing conversion blogs online. I was curious how he actually did it and wanted him to share the story with you. I’ll let Peep take if…

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Create Your First Marketing Plan

As part of my 2014 to-dos, I’m working (and writing this) from Thailand for the next couple of weeks! It’s funny, I spent over $25,000+ to major at UC Berkeley in one of the top undergraduate business programs in the world and I don’t use any of the knowledge I learned there in my career….

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