August, 2013 |

How to Make Better Decisions with a Priority Framework

Last week we looked at how to simplify your decision making. This week I want to talk briefly about how a priority framework can make decisions easier and better. So what is a priority framework and how does it help? A few months ago, I bought 3 pairs of high-end headphones (Audio Technica, Bose Clear…

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How to Simplify Your Decision Making

I wrote a ~2,000 word article to help you make decisions but it was too much to consume and really take action on. So I made a decision (see what I did there?) to simplify it into one simple post to help you improve your decision making skills.   The Power of Simplification This time of year a…

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How Not to Feel Guilty about Charging For Your Time

While down under, I had a drink in Brisbane a few nights ago. I was chatting with a guy who’ll go by “Australian Dude.” He told me he generally prefers NOT to charge for any of the work he does. “WHAT, but how are you going to pay for all the drinks?,” I shouted at…

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