The Stereotypical Lost White Guy Trip to India (Part 1)

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The first question I got every time I told people I was going to India was:

“Is everything okay?”

I guess by default for a white person to go to India we have to:

  1. Be facing a quarter life crisis
  2. Read Eat Pray Love too many times and wanted to follow in her foot steps
  3. Trying to meet the outsourcers we’ve worked with (I almost did this)

Personally, for me it was just to try out something new. I prefer to travel to places unlike my home.

Here’s where I went:

Name 5 cities in India?


I actually only knew of Bombay which people in India renamed Mumbai (but most locals don’t care about the name change)

For one of the largest and fastest growing countries most people (myself included) don’t know crap about it. I think it’s smart to study countries, businesses or people that are doing things well.

What can we learn from them?

Take Apple for example. So many companies have copied their design style.

India reminds me of Apple after spending a little over a month there.

I asked a friend who works at Apple how he manages their supply chain so well.

His answer, “I don’t. We are inefficient. We don’t have to be optimal since we are making SO much money.”

That’s basically India.

The country has so many people, so much low-hanging opportunity and even with all the chaos the country still works.

In trying to describe India to people the short answer is that it’s undefinable.

Another way to consider it is like a game of Jenga.

At any moment all the pieces could follow over with all the holes in the place but for some reason the structure still stands!

You can’t know India until you’ve gone.


It’s now after being back in the states for 2 weeks do I realize what I took away from India:

1- Stillness

Every Tuesday I look at my weekend plans and get anxiety to have “things” to do. Ever get that?

While in Goa with my good friend Susan I practiced for 10 days not trying to fill up my time but just enjoy what is.


2- Accepting what is

If you’ve ever eaten with me, I make about 10 changes to whatever dish I order.

While traveling this and other things were hard to do….So you know what?

I just accepted. Didn’t try to impose my ways.

Not saying I will always do this but it was fun to just be.

Bottom line: Traveling challenges your normal routine so you can learn more about yourself! This includes staycation, explore your world.


Ps. Where do you want to go next in the world?

Pps. And here’s me head bobbing for you:

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3 responses to “The Stereotypical Lost White Guy Trip to India (Part 1)

  1. Stephen Lee Reply

    “Traveling challenges your normal routine so you can learn more about yourself!”

    I agree 100%. And the more the place you’re traveling is different from your home, the more you learn. It can be challenging and uncomfortable, but that’s where the magic happens.