Walk a mile in my shoes (literally)

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FYI: Make it to the bottom of this email if you want to live in my Downtown Loft in Austin for February 2013.

I spent 2 months trying to buy a pair of limited edition Sperry Top Siders Shoes.



Yes, I am officially a yuppy.

I had my assistant try to find them, I called Sperrys directly, scoured Amazon and even went to Barney’s in NYC (they were exclusively sold there). I checked their website every other day to see if they were available. No luck 🙁

….One day

They were there and in my size, 11!!!

buy buy buy

As the stories say, persistence pays off or as my Jewish mother loves to say, “the squeaky wheel gets the grease.”

They arrived and I put them on just like Cinderella.

Unfortunately, they DIDN’T fit 🙁


Anyways, that’s bad for me and good news for you.

I’m selling them to you. You can literally take a walk in my shoes.

B-t-dub my loft comes with the shoes.

Excuse me?

Yea, I am going to India for all of February.

I don’t want to put my place up on Craigslist and it seems a shame to just let my place be so lonely. (fyi, my rent is $1400)

Video of my place: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oMx1U7UGg50

So I figured I’d allow one of my readers to come enjoy Austin and stay in my place.

The place will be fully furnished, include sparkling water and other delightful amenities.

Disclaimer: I will mildly Facebook stalk you to make sure you aren’t too creepy.

So bid on the shoes and the loft comes with it.

I’m not sure what I’ll use the money for yet, I was considering buying iPads or laptops and giving it to kids in India. If you have any opinion please reply and let me know.

What are you waiting for?

Go walk a mile in my shoes (literally):



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9 responses to “Walk a mile in my shoes (literally)

  1. John Reply

    I spent all of Nov. 2011 in India. Taj Mahal is impossibly beautiful. Also recommend visiting Jaisalmer and Pushkar. Enjoy.

  2. Ankur Sharma Reply

    Hi Noah,

    Sounds like a great opportunity for people who would want to visit Austin 🙂 I have suggestion regarding the money being spent. May I suggest, you spend it giving it to a charity which helps provides clean drinking water in India. There are many which work in this endeavor – I don’t have an affiliation to any charity – you can find one over the net. Having said that, its your money so you would know how to spend it best 🙂

    On a different note, if you are planning to roam around in India a little bit, I head product & technology for a 12 year old Indian travel organization – Nivalink.com. We specialize in personalized + customized travel for India. Considering your blog has been an inspiration, any way I could be of help, I would be grateful! 🙂

  3. Jose Lira - An entrepreneur who loves to travel! Reply

    Hey bro,

    I lived in India for about a year (Andrah Pradesh), don´t know your schedule, but make sure to visit any of these if possible:

    Dharamsala (McLeod Ganj), aka “little tibet”, where his holiness, the Dalai Lama lives.

    Amritsar (Golden Temple). Everyone´s last name is Singh, it´s awesome and very unique.

    A long train trip on 2nd sleeper class. Ask people about their families and share your food (awesome! Make sure to bring your toilet paper, seriously.)

    Jodhpur (aka the blue city), saw batman 3? the big castle you see behind Christian Bale after he gets out of the huge hole in the ground, go to the castle! it´s amazing! Walk around the city.

    Varanasi, stressful but unique. If you go into the old city, take a local with you (it is a labyrinth, seriously!)

    Of course, the Taj Mahal.

    The indian parliament in Delhi

    The pearl markets in Hyderabad (muslim section of the city).

    Mother Theresa´s center for the destitutes in Calcutta (and give a donation in rupees, be generous)

    Try indian Lay´s (the potato chips, chaat street are VERY unique), they are a whole new experience.

    If possible, bring a map of where you live and photos of your family.

    ALWAYS drink bottled water (even for brushing your teeth).

  4. Paul Reply

    I hope whoever is staying at your house writes a guest post on your blog. I can only imagine all the craaaaazy things he/she’s doing at your pad

  5. Matthew Day Reply


    This sounds like such a great opportunity for someone! I’ve been researching you lately and have been impressed. It was crazy to find out that you live in Austin, TX because I just was in TX for 2 months for training, and if I had did my research sooner, maybe could have arranged to meet up for espressos sometime and let me pick your brain. I would totally take you up on this offer if I was in the states but unfortunately I’m currently stationed in the middle east on an island called, Bahrain. Maybe next time. Also, I emailed you and if you wouldn’t mind, would love to pick your brain a little and have a few questions to ask.

    Thank You!

    MASN Day, Matthew

  6. Rohan Chaubey Reply

    Noah, The shoes were already sold when I checked them out.

    Hope you enjoyed your trip to India. I received the link to this post in one of your newsletters so thought of checking this out! 🙂