30 Days of YouTube Videos

November 1, 2012 - Get free updates of new posts here

I love trying out new habits.

A great way to set them is to do anything new for 30 days.

My new one is trying a daily personal improvement video on YouTube.

Steve Pavlina has a Great article about using 30 days to form new habits. Read here.

Here’s one about how to let go of your iPhone and have a happier life.

Link to video

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6 responses to “30 Days of YouTube Videos

  1. Rosemary ONeill Reply

    Glad you didn’t do a faceplant riding your bike while recording (although that would have been an excellent illustration of your point). I’ve started unplugged Sundays and just noticing how HARD it is made me see how badly I needed to do it. I’ll definitely be testing the “stack your phones” game too…love that idea!

  2. Alex Reply

    Get a watch. What? No seriously – get a watch. A wristwatch. If you don’t have one, you’ll resort to your smart phone to check the time and get sucked into email, social network noise, etc.

  3. Simon Reply

    I have recently turned off email on my phone and I try not to touch my phone every Sunday = digital sabbath.

    I think this is important to talk about and think about. Get off your phone and live your life.

  4. Scott Britton Reply

    I love this video.

    I used to turn off my email on my phone, but it started being a problem for work which again reverts back to the notion that maybe I’m not in the ideal scenario. A work-around I used that I thought others reading might find valuable is utilizing Baydin’s Inbox Pause. I’d pause my inbox during bouts when it was ok not to have access to my email, and as a result, I found myself looking at my phone far less because I knew there was nothing there. Definitely worth a look if you find yourself in a similar boat.

  5. Matt Horwitz Reply

    Nice vid man! I was in the middle east for 2 months and didn’t have a smart phone… it was great!

    I’ve since turned off email notifications, but your idea of no text notifications is genius!

    I’m considering just downgrading to a basic phone.

  6. GuyJeb Reply

    I know what Noah means.. We have 1 friend who will look at her phone once every 3-5 minutes. After getting ignored so often, I finally asked “who are you talking to?” to which she responded “Oh a group of my friends and I are playing this online board game, and it’s my turn again”….. :/ Talk about escaping the moment..

    Due to this topic presented by Noah and Tim Ferriss, I’ve yet to buy a “smart phone.” It’s tough, because I really really want apps like google maps when I’m mobile.

    But then again, I’ve gotten lost about 5 times this month since I’ve moved here. I haven’t “gotten lost” since I was a kid on a bicycle! and it’s actually quite fun and challenging, even though it might be viewed as a lame experience. But because of it, I know this city now, without having to rely on the traffic reports or google maps, etc.

    When I had a Work-smart phone, I purposely turned off all notifications, because somehow our generation forgot that Mail is something you check once in a while, instead of constantly hitting refresh button to see if anyone has responded.

    I wonder if there is a “lock my phone for x minutes” app to force people to be productive?