Improving Conversion Rates: How We Doubled AppSumo’s Conversion Rate in 2 Days

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We are using the currently available AppSumo optimization bundle to increase and improve AppSumo’s own conversion rate and managed to double it in two days. I’ll tell you how below but while walking around Paris a few day ago I realized that we could leverage the power of people to increase our conversion rate even more.

So here’s what we are going to do:
Leave a comment or tweet to @appsumo on how we can increase our homepage conversion rate. We are going to take our 3 favorites, test them and report back the results. All tweets / Comments must be submitted by Friday 3pm (so we have enough time to test).

If there is an increase in conversion rate we will give the difference to the top person. The other 2 people selected will get a free bundle.

Huh? Yea, we are currently hovering around ~3% conversion rate. If you do a mock up, that makes it easier to choose and do your test as well.

Here’s how the numbers work out:

$250 for a comment is not a bad deal:) Contest ends Friday at 3pm PST, go leave a comment / tweet now.

Disclaimer: There are no disclaimers.

Why are we doing this?

This is helpful to increase our conversion rates going forward. It compounds. So if we increase it to 5%, then it’s always 5% for all future bundles and we can keep increasing that to my personal goal of 10%.

So far we’ve doubled our conversion rate from 1.5 to 3%. Here are a few things we’ve done so far:

Here are some things we changed based on CrazyEgg, SnapABug and general feedback.

  • Moved buy now from right to left side

  • Changed the share links to social proof since no one was clicking

  • Too many people were clicking on our. No Thanks, tell me when the next bundle is so we pushed it down further on the page and removed the background color

  • We added a testimonial to show that people like what we are offering.

  • Displayed company logos based on which got the most clicks (also on who had most the twitter followers).
  • The timer wasn’t prominent so we moved it higher:

  • Our conversion on the checkout page is very high (80%+), ie. so we want more clicks. Hence we made more things that made sense clickable to the checkout page, like the timer.

  • Peoples mouse movements were in the middle of the page so we moved our buy now buttons there. Learned from

  • People were confused whether they were getting one or all bundles so we changed the text from buy now to buy all 5 now >

  • Removed the tell us what you want and app directory link from the tip. Distracting from what we want users to do, buy.

  • Clarified redemption times. Got great feedback using that people didn’t have a need for the bundle right now. So we realized we could clarify that almost all the services can be redeemed whenever.

  • Feedback was that text sucks and images rule. Removed text and updated with images.

  • People kept asking if our charge was monthly or one time. we added an faq page.
  • Bonus tip! Use google analytics and setup goals. this was AMAZINGLY helpful. you can see the $ per each referral as well as how much $ you make from specific page visits. This will teach you if people to go to your faq then buy or which sites you should try to buy more traffic from.

Thanks Sudhanshu Aggarwal, Jason Baptiste, Ruben Gamez, Gabe Weinberg, Jeff Clark, Jerome Breche and everyone who talked to us for help on this article and optimizing.

Contests ends Friday at 3pm. Go leave a tweet / comment with what we should test, it can be anything.

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7 responses to “Improving Conversion Rates: How We Doubled AppSumo’s Conversion Rate in 2 Days

  1. Dimitry Reply

    Love this analysis and constant push to do things better. Bookmarked.

    How long are you in Europe for? I’m coming down in Sep. for Oktoberfest and other general buffoonery. Denmark/Deutschland/Sweiss/France. Email me! 🙂

  2. Roy Rodenstein Reply

    Looks like you only got one comment, but it was a good one- review your traffic quality and conversion rate by source and optimize from there.

    Some thoughts:
    – the “get the next deal” popup is probably increasing your conversion rate to people entering their email, but it may be reducing your sales conversion rate?

    – You could try to make it look a bit more Groupon-y, e.g. list the %discount (I see you already have done some groupony things, though 🙂

    – In general I think the layout is kinda messy. logos with no description, dollar figures crossed out, huge descriptions below with unclear boundaries between each product.
    Why not a more “logical” layout, e.g. a 5-row table showing

    product logo – mini-description – $price
    product logo – mini-description – $price
    product logo – mini-description – $price
    product logo – mini-description – $price
    product logo – mini-description – $price
    Total – $total_price
    AppSumo Discount: 90%
    Price: $25 [BUY THE SH*T NOW!!!!]

  3. Marshall Middle Reply

    use some creative advertising/marketing– get a mascot (furry creature) for the website and threaten to kill it if not enough people buy a deal, the countdown clock is a death timer, buy button a threat (buy now or the rabbit gets it!)

  4. jeralyn solon dubling Reply

    Hmmm. Interesting! I’ll try this one. I’m not sure if it will gonna work in my life…I’m gonna dig deep per to understand well, for I’m still confused and want you to teach me more on how…
    I am a creative party balloon decorator and wanted to grow more in the business…can you help me how here? Is this blog really helpful for me? How much will I spend here in learning from you?show me how