Top Free iPad Apps for World Traveling

August 9, 2010 - Get free updates of new posts here

While traveling Europe, I’ve found a few free iPad travel apps extremely useful and I thought I’d share.

Awesome free iPad apps you may not have heard of:

Airvideo : This is one of my favorites! It is the best way to convert videos to be viewable on your iPad. As well, you can stream from your laptop or an IP address if you have a static one.

Goodnite lite : Simple alarm clock.

goodnite lite app

Flipboard : I really like the layout, personalization from Facebook / Twitter and easy ability to add new content. A great way to read while you are chilling at a cafe or the airport.

flipboard ipad app

USA Today : A good way to stay connected with what’s going on in the USA.

usa today ipad app

Weatherbug Elite : Definitely the best way to see the weather of the places you are going on in your trip.

weatherbug elite ipad app

NYT Editors Choice : Super concise reads on business, technology and world news.

nyt editors choice ipad app

What’s The Difference : A recommendation from my buddy Nick Holland is a fun game to bring people together. It’s the same one you played as a kid where things are missing from the images and you have to find them. This is an amazing time killer while you are waiting for your train or a good ice-breaker to meet new people in bars. (No, I have not bought my iPad to a bar…yet)

what's the difference ipad app

XE Currency : Helps you figure out how much you are paying with a simple currency exchange rates. Would be useful if they showed graphs to see if things are getting better or worse.

xe currency ipad app

Wikihood : Super useful to find out cool things to do and see around where you are.

Calibre : Not an iPad app but useful for converting any document to be readable on the iPad.

Here are the obvious ones you iPad users already have:

ibook: This is the reason I bought the iPad. Instead of lugging around 3-5 paperbacks and searching for new books in stores I download torrents or borrow ebooks from friends. I also import PDFs I want to read in the future.

Instapaper free: I try not to get distracted while working so I Instapaper most online articles sent or posted on various sites. Only wish there was an Instapaper for video.

Twitterific : A great way to see your mentions and tweets on the go. One thing I’ve found useful is saved searches to easily see keywords with ease.

Honorable Mentions:

Evernote: Evernote is a good travel organizer. It’s a great way to save directions, places of interest or general notes about the travel.

Any others I missed?

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