Working at Facebook: My First Day

August 5, 2010 - Get free updates of new posts here

I get asked about this a lot so I thought I’d share a story about working at Facebook on my first day. (You can read all about my last day at Facebook here.)

When I walked into the first floor on University avenue I wasn’t sure if I was in a frat or a startup. There were cables falling from the ceilings, people running around and I was told to sit on a corner desk.

I saw my new boss walk by me and said he’d chat with me after lunch. Cool! Then someone gave me a laptop and I just kinda started playing on the web to be later told I had a meeting with Mark (Zuckerberg) in 30 minutes. This was when the company was ~30 people so still “relatively” small.

I go into the meeting and then Mark comes in. This is my first time meeting him and he says:

“I just fired your boss, welcome to Facebook. You’ll be fine here if you don’t try to sell my company behind my back.”

That was my first day without a boss, meeting Mark and starting to work on the corner of someone elses desk.

And this is when the fun really began…

What was your first day of work like?