We are hiring and "interesting" job descriptions…

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Okay, I am swamped with work and my startup is hiring two people. Though you guys could help:


PHP Programmer
– Must be able to do the work of 3 Americans or 10 outsourcers:)

Data Manager
– Must love bitch work and have a good attitude.

Opportunity for growth, make lots of money and fun included. Email me, job [at] okdork.com. If you refer someone then you get a Chipotle burrito on me…

Question: Where are the best ways you’ve found quality hires?

Sidenote: People are not resources. Why do companies always refer to people as allocating or moving “resources.”

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11 responses to “We are hiring and "interesting" job descriptions…

  1. Juvaly Reply

    Umm… “human resources”, no? Personally, I’m not offended by this definition. Whatever works as a title in a chart. Just don’t TREAT me like a resource.

    I’m self employed anyway.

    off topic: the yellow highlights are showing up funny in Firefox. Need line-height on the em class in the css.

  2. Shawn Reply

    I’ve found some GREAT contacts by using search.twitter.com.

    Just search for keywords like “I’m a PHP Programmer” and what not. You can even search by location and everything. I’ve found it a great way to find good people who are internet savvy. Good luck!

  3. Frank Reply

    The “people are not resources” meme is getting old and tired. I’d rather be a “valuable resource” than be the “data management bitch” you are looking for in your job descriptions.

  4. Clinton Schaff Reply

    Love your blog. First time commenter.

    The best way to find talented folks is to continuing working with talented people you’ve already worked with. If that doesn’t work, ask the folks you are or have worked with for introductions. If that doesn’t work,go to events and recruit someone interested who does what you need done. i find that this is a better strategy that opening up the cattle call for interviews.

    That said, definitely good to go out recruiting with all kinds of diversity in mind. You don’t want the whole team to reflect your background, beliefs, etc. Unless you do, of course. But I wouldn’t. 😉