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I think I met Jason while at and he’s doing something cool with this new I feel like I’ve heard of this type of idea before but I was impressed when he said he has 200 of 365 days sold already! Here’s his story on wearing your companies t-shirt:

1- Why are you doing this?

I think it’s a fun way for people to advertise their company/product. Why pay for a banner ad that typically gets ignored, when you can have someone showcasing your company/product all day? Social media is definitely pushing the boundaries for how people use the web, and I know this project wouldn’t be anywhere without Facebook, Twitter, etc etc.

2- How did you come up with the idea?

It was one of those light-bulb moments. I couldn’t believe the success of the Million Dollar Homepage and I wanted to try to come up with a fairly original idea. Believe it or not, I hadn’t heard of anyone doing anything like this before. I was shocked to find out there was a guy who get tattoos for money! That’s crazy.

3- Where does this go long term?

I’ve have ambitious goals for year two. I would love to create a new medium for advertising on the web and give people an interesting way to learn about companies. I don’t want to count my chickens before they hatch, but I think being optimistic and setting goals is always a good thing.

4- What is the best way you got press for doing this idea?

Pounding the ground so far. All of the press and interest for coverage I have received has been organic or by reaching out personally. I have built a solid network of connections being in design/marketing for 10 years. I have asked for a lot of help and I am trying to return the favors where ever possible.

5- What are you doing all day in these t-shirts?

This is a great question, because I think a lot of people assume I will take some pictures, do some video and the shirt gets taken off. That’s exactly what my girlfriend has asked me to do… However, I will be wearing the shirt from sun-up to sun-down, no matter the occasion, weather etc. I am fortunate to have a very flexible schedule and am planning on doing some traveling and trying to get some interesting content. If I have a wedding or an important meeting, I’ll wear a sports coat with the shirt under it and that will be a great conversation starter. Yes, there will be days when I just take some video from my house, but I will do my best to make that fun and engaging as well!

6- What kind of success have you had so far?

I have been extremely happy with iwearyourshirt thus far, especially without any really big press. I’ve sold 200 days in 2009 as of this interview, January, February and March are sold out with April filling up quickly! It feels really great to have 2/3 of 2009 already sold and I hope things keeping going full-steam-ahead.

If you want someone to wear your shirt (even dirty ones), then check Jason out at iwearyourshirt.

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15 responses to “Startup Stories, Jason Satler founder of

  1. PiarasM Reply

    This is a great idea and I like the work that goes along with it on the site. Really fresh and novel in a world of bland product placement and ignored banner ads. Great job Jason!!

  2. salmiler Reply

    I agree very impressive indeed….In fact, I have already purchased a day in July ( Sat. 11th ) to promote my Salmiler running lifestyle and apparel co…. I only wish I could have purchased something in Jan… for a couple of bucks….hahah. I just hope he holds the momentum and keeps growing…. I have some miles planned for him to run in July while wearing my shirt… on the run, R U?


  3. Derrick Chiang Reply

    My garsh. It’s so retardedly brilliant.

    Way to go Jason! I might just buy a day and design a horribly embarrassing shirt that will surely make your girlfriend break up with you.

    / hatching evil plan.

  4. Rahul Reply

    I first came across a website and I found it quite interesting. But I found this one more very neat in terms of website design and its simple and easy to navigate.

  5. Party Rentals Reply

    Quite happening idea by founder of, yes after reading heading first question arise in my mind for how much this he wear shrit or t-shirt but he has very well planed what to do and where to do, Supeb interesting idea, sure it will gone be rock.

  6. brian Reply

    sounds a bit like another company of girls that do this, their site is & they have a bunch of cute girls that do the same thing & blog about it with photos etc…

    don’t think they’re the same co but sure have similar ideas. I’d go for the girls personally, I mean, look at them, they’re hot!

  7. Launa Vandesande Reply

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