Email Deliverability Hack: Adding mark as spam in your own email

September 11, 2008 - Get free updates of new posts here

With our new startup one of our BIGGEST challenges is getting email into inboxes, and we just started sending them:O If you’ve ever ran a website with more than 20 users, I am guessing you know my pain. I know Ted has written up some great tips on making your email work. So has Auren.

I saw this in my inbox today and was quite impressed. added a mark as spam and and block myYearbook email in their email. This may seem strange for a site to add these links in their own email but it’s genius! Basically, ISPs (gmail, yahoo, etc…) look at the %age of people who hit the spam button and then reduce the likelihood future emails will get into the inbox. This way, means the ISP never know and the person will never receive an email from myYearbook again. Everyone wins:)

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4 responses to “Email Deliverability Hack: Adding mark as spam in your own email

  1. rob Reply

    that could work but i wouldn’t be surprised if sham “mark as spam” links were noticed by ISPs. the articles you linked to are super helpful – thanks!

  2. Kevin ay Reply

    In addition, having the word “spam” within your email would probably increase its chance of getting through filters because it rarely occurs in actual spam. At least, it would work if they use a Bayesian filter like GMail does.