Welcome to Austin…Car Crash

September 7, 2008 - Get free updates of new posts here

I was surprised after I posted about a car accident where a drunk/underage driver hit us on my twitter, over 10 people emailed / called / IMed. It was great. The response time from friends / followers was insane! My chest hurts a bit but me and my friends are alright.

Have you ever been in a car crash?

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20 responses to “Welcome to Austin…Car Crash

  1. Katie Reply

    Glad that you aren’t as beat-up as your car looks. Sounds scary.

    What a great way to come into a city… 🙁

    In answer to your question…

    I was lucky/unlucky the last time my car was in a crash. Lucky because I wasn’t hurt at all… unlucky because my car was totaled while legally parked on the side of the road (by a 16 year old who freaked out because he saw a spider). I found out about the accident when the police called me.

    My first accident, I very lucky. I hit a patch of black ice, slid off the road, almost overturned, ran directly over a “no parking” sign, spun back onto the road and slid across 3 lanes of traffic (backwards) to end up in the far lane facing the other direction.

    Then I called my parents and told them I had an accident…when they saw the car, they laughed at me and told me not to joke like that again. I actually had to show them the destroyed road sign before they believed me – because the only damage to my car was a crack in the $3 plastic license plate cover that had hit the sign.

    Knock on wood, my accidents have been more ridiculous than painful.

  2. Noah Kagan Reply

    ben, i know you are right that i should go to the hospital. giving it a few days to have the internal bruise calm down and then i will handle it.


    you = luck. i need to be driving with you.

  3. Katie Reply

    Driving with me is fine. Sitting in a car I’ve parked… on the other hand… that’s dangerous. 😉

    As for the chest thing, I’d go sooner than later. Better to be safe than sorry.

  4. kadavy Reply

    Sorry to hear that – and it looks like you had gotten a new car since I last saw yours! Yeah, you should get that chest checked out. “Internal bruising” could be “internal bleeding.” Hopefully that driver had insurance to pay your bills.

  5. Rachel Reply

    I was in a car crash once. After winning a high stakes poker game, I had a celebratory dinner with my business associate with whom I shared a fair amount of sexual tension. But directly following the dinner, she was abducted by Le Chiffre and I was lured into a car chase. I ultimately ended up rolling my Aston Martin and was captured and tortured. Really, it was quite the ordeal.

    And take care of that chest pain – don’t want to create a pre-existing condition for the insurance companies.

  6. Ben Reply

    Glad you’re doing alright and I wish you full recovery.

    I was in a bad car crash 10 days after I got my license when I was 16 when a car rammed into the side of my car making a right turn on red flinging me off the road. If you’re feeling any lingering pain, get it checked out. I still have occasional shoulder pain my accident and regret not having it getting it looked at then.

  7. annie Reply

    my friend and i were driving home after a show in LA and it was raining and she ran a red light. we were hit by a rock band in a van and the passenger side of the car was pretty crushed. the right side of my rib cage was slightly realigned in the process and my bones are now crooked. my friend was fine.

  8. noah Reply


    i thought about that but i dont want to mess with karma. plus he is underage so that + dui means he will have a tarred record forever.


    that sucks. which band was it?

  9. Jason Reply

    Hey Noah! I know this is late, but I just moved to Austin a month ago so things have been crazy. Anyways, I am glad you are okay. I would throw the book at this kid. Drinking and driving is no joke and he could have easily killed someone.

    Hope the rest of the trip was okay and let me know next time you are in town.

  10. Sarah Reply

    I was in a bad accident. Lost control on a fuel spillage. Car overturned. It was very frightening. Lucky to be ok. I dont drive anymore now. It frightened me too much. Worst thing that can happen to anyone bein in an accident.