Free Sumo Lounge Chair for You

July 7, 2008 - Get free updates of new posts here

One of the coolest benefits about writing this “blog” is that I get free stuff, which means You get free stuff. The guys over at Sumo Lounge said I can give you one of these bad boys:

How do you get it? Just say why you want in the comments and one person will get it shipped to their door. Enjoy.

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78 responses to “Free Sumo Lounge Chair for You

  1. rishi Reply

    i want one

    quick plug: I learned about a few years back and still think its the most amazing thing ever! They make tools to end Poverty, empowering people to be local entrepreneurs. Read the story on the website.

  2. Jason Reply

    Noah, I would love to have the sumo lounge chair simply for the fact that I heard it was good for different sexual positions.


  3. Mark Reply

    Hey Noah, I am a poor college student and long time reader, that chair would be awesome for my dorm!



  4. arne-per Reply

    ’cause after a long day/night it looks perfect to crawl to and crash. though if I go buy that bean bag you reviewed …i’d like to see which would call out. btw-thnx for all the work you do.

  5. Greg Campbell Reply

    I’ll one up you guys, I’ll use it for “interesting” activities with my girlfriend while simultaneously writing code on my macbook.

  6. kadavy Reply

    Because I just moved to Chicago, and have nothing but a suitcase full of possessions – need to furnish the apartment that I don’t have yet, and which you are ordered to come crash at on a regular basis.

  7. Brian Reply

    1) Because it will remind me of Vin Diesel every time I sit in it (

    2) Because the girl in the photo above cannot possibly be comfortable… but I will be.

    3) Because I am a giant and normal pillows just don’t give me the kind of neck support that I need.

  8. Izzy Neis Reply

    Darn… I need a “why” don’t I?

    Because I have 2 friends coming to live with me this fall and I have no place to put them except on a pile of my own clothing – mounds, nests of clothing to keep them warm and comfortable at night.

    Sadly, this was how i also spent my first 3 nights in California in the fall, sleeping on a pile of my own dumped-out clothing because I was too ill (upon arrival) to drive anywhere and buy an air mattress (also – because I was ill and sleeping on clothing, I tried to drive a rental car, but accidentally dented it before I even left… I shall never drive on cold meds again).

    Please don’t make my two hobo friends from Chicago have to go through this too… giant pillow would make everyone’s life easier.


  9. Bryan Villarin Reply

    1) My futon has emitted several nuts (as in nuts and bolts), so I’m banking on the fact that it’ll fall apart at any moment.

    2) A friend – who shall remain nameless – broke my recliner 9 years ago. He said he’d fix it, too, but he hasn’t. It’s only 50% comfortable.

  10. Eric Reply

    because my dog needs it – he’s getting neutered next week and will need something to compensate for his lack of manhood – the sumo lounge would make him feel whole least for a few minutes…

  11. Josh Reply

    Please help me avoid a vicious cycle. I cry a lot into my pillow. The girth of the sumo lounge may be the only pillow that can absorb all my tears. If I don’t win this, then I’ll be reminded of it when my current pillow overflows, causing me to cry, causing me to be reminded of the sumo pillow I didn’t win. Please help.

  12. Joe Budde Jr Reply

    Yo, I think ya should send it to me…

    I am coming to the bay area next sunday and monday, any suggestions on where to eat/see/do? Yelp has been my best friend, but i am sure you know a good burrito joint…

  13. Jason Peck Reply

    I want one because I’m moving to new apartment next month with no furniture yet. This will spice up my pad, which also will serve as my social media heaven/home office. And if I get it, I’ll blog about it.

  14. David Ulevitch Reply

    Screw (no pun intended) this bullshit about people having sex with their girlfriends on it.

    I just broke up with mine and I need a chair/pillow that HUGS ME BACK. πŸ™‚

  15. Damon Billian Reply

    “Noah, I would love to have the sumo lounge chair simply for the fact that I heard it was good for different sexual positions.”

    No better reason has been submitted so far;-)

  16. carl Reply

    Hi Noah,
    the strongest person can do anything he wants to, but he cannot chose his desire. Our dreams and desires are given not taken.

    I desire that beanbag :o)

    all the best.

  17. Jason Sheneman Reply

    My girlfriend just moved in with her two cats. They now occupy my former lounging area, my nice comfy couch. I would love one of these to throw on the floor and kick back with my laptop to read your blog.

  18. Rob Schultz Reply

    I’ve been looking at these recently and would absolutely love to win one. I’m looking for a new blogging chair and this would be it. If I would win it would be safe to say that you should expect more interaction across the blogosphere from me in the future.

    Nice giveaway!

  19. Melvyn Reply

    I’ve been having physiotherapy for a knee injury for the last few months. Most chairs end up aggravating the ligament after 15 mins and I fidget in pain whilst trying to adjust my position. A chair like this would really help me be able to adjust with minimum pain and aggravation.

    Plus, when I’m recovered I can try out some of the suggestions above πŸ˜‰

  20. Eze Reply


    I don’t need a pitch black sumo lounge chair – I just really want one after seeing how relaxed the person looks in the picture. If I had one, I’d blog about, submit it to social media, and go crazy painting grafitti of the sumo lounge in my local skatebording ring. This is love at first sight.

    Now, apart from getting us to write really flattering comments on the chair and how much we want it, what do I do to get one? πŸ™‚

  21. Bree Reply

    If I must say…I currently have an ugly boil on my backside… I think that sumo chair would help me be a little more comfortable. Not proud to tell the world of okdork that I have this painful bugger, but maybe it will win me the chair.

  22. Chris Reply

    I don’t have room for the chair, but am interested in the girl in the picture. If the winner doesn’t have a need for her, maybe we can work something out.

  23. Harish Reply

    Dear Noah,

    There are several things I could use this monstrously large pillow for. For one, I could use it to lounge on while busting a nut, but that’s too typical, as can be seen from your initial comments. Instead, I will use it for good. I will use it to sit on, sleep on, eat on, and nothing else.

    If you can’t tell, I’m a poor lonely boy with no home or bed to go to, and this pillow will give me shelter. If this lame ass guilt card isn’t working, you should send me the pillow anyway.


  24. Jennifer L Reply

    Reminds me of this ginormous spandex ottoman my friend bought while she was living in Japan. It was super comfortable and when you sat down, you just sunk into it. She even paid $90 to get it shipped to the US when she moved back.

    One year my friends knew I wanted a bean bag and they got me one as a birthday present. Unfortunately, there was a big enough gap in the seams over time such that when you sat down, the thing farted out the styrofoam beads. Had to get rid of it because it was making somewhat of a mess. I was thinking that someday it would be great to have a much better quality one that didn’t fart out stuff.

  25. Alaska Miller Reply

    I want one because right now I’m using milk crates as chairs while coding in the warehouse I’m renting. My butt has crate patterns. Booooo…

  26. Tucker Reply

    I need it because it would be a much better conversation piece than the dead hooker that is still in my apartment.

  27. bjorn Reply

    noah, this sumo lounge thing belongs in Singapore as it will help my small country increase our population and entertainment spots while cracking a new market in Asia for Sumo.. πŸ˜€

  28. Steven Loi Reply

    I still don’t have a couch. I have one terribly uncomfortable futon in an apartment in Fremont. I also just sprained my ankle at Johnny’s (Lam) July 4th BBQ… it would be great if I can use that to rest and heal. =)

  29. MH Reply

    because it would be one other startup founder that you would have inspired, not with the words of a blog entry but with the comfort of a place to work

  30. Piaras Reply

    Am I missing something or is that girl in the photo above VERY small? Poor girl! She must be no bigger than a Pug or a Poodle. Actually she could become the must have accessory for the Hollywood “It” crowd. Luis Vuitton will be making a bag to carry her around in.

  31. Barbara Weider Reply

    I am a wildlife rehabilitator, and I spend long hours at night, at home, feeding orphaned squirrels, rabbits, rats, etc., uncomfortably propped on a bed pillow with my back against the wall. This looks like the perfect orphan wildlife feeding station – essential when you have critters that require feeding every 2 hours, all day and all night.

  32. trixie Reply

    because i love you and your coffee loving blog…and because its called a sumo lounge chair….i can just imagine sumo wrestlers in a lounge club setting when i hear that name. Oh the magic of a good name!

  33. Kris Reply

    because my Sumo wrestler buddies can’t fit on the futon, so they always have to sit on the floor! πŸ™

  34. Sri Reply

    I want one because I need one for every time I open my credit card bills, or cellphone bills or my utility bills because I am getting screwed in the ass by these bills and the cushion will be somewhat of a comfort.

  35. Christina Reply

    I would love love love the sumo lounge chair and give it a wonderful home that is accepting and non-judgemental. The sumo chair could watch nothing but game shows during the day, stuffing its face with bon bons, and when i got home I wouldn’t call it pathetic and lazy. The sumo chair could have other chair friends over at any time of the day, my home is aways open for sumo chairs! The friends could make a mess and i wouldn’t be mad at the sumo chair.

    Acceptance. Unconditional love. This is why I want the sumo chair.

    Us artists don’t get much unconditional love ourselves, so its important to me to treat all, including sumo chairs, with love.

    I’m also offering a free piece of art…. Me the winner of the sumo chair = you, new owner of an original painting by me. yay!

  36. Jon Reply

    i want it, gimme gimme.
    just so i can tell ppl the story of how i got it just for reading and commenting on your blog

  37. Shitaki Reply

    Hey my doggie said this would be a great upgrade from her current sleeping diggs!!! Help Molly Molester entertain her bitches better…woof!

  38. Kiki Reply

    Because I would pwn my sisters in pillow fights for the rest of their lives….also, it’d be comfortable to sit in and bask in the glory of winning afterwards.

  39. Kim Roque Reply

    This will be very useful for me and my kids especially when were watching T.V. and bonding and stuff…

  40. Moises Francisco Reply

    Hi so I never had one or used one before but I been seen it on YouTube and just the Web and I would love to have one since I’m a nurse and always busy and hardly get some rest hope you guys reads my comment thanks