The Gas Tank Chronicles

June 9, 2008 - Get free updates of new posts here

Last night I was at a friends birthday party and it was super crowded. And for some reason people love to point out the obvious, “OMG it is so crowded here!” My response is, “really, you don’t say (said with a cute face on).”

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Anyways, people complain about gas prices a lot now, myself included and I wanted to put some #s behind it. Leave a comment about how much your gas costs you to fill up and what kind of car you have. The lowest and highest amounts win a copy of Ori Brafman’s new book Sway.

Disclaimer: Noah why are you a) referencing yourself in third person b) giving away so many copies of Ori’s book. 1) it’s good 2) he’s my friend and I am supporting him 3) you may like the book 4) giveaways are fun.

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30 responses to “The Gas Tank Chronicles

  1. Andy Reply

    Chevy Tahoe. 75 bucks every time. The gas station by my house automatically cuts off credit cards at that point so I don’t even get near a full tank.

  2. Luke Freeman Reply

    Well, over here in Australia we don’t have as big cars and thus tanks – but with a 60L tank (that lasts me only a week) it costs me $97.8 – that’s $1.63 a litre
    60L = 15.8 Gallon
    AU$97.8 = US$93.2

    …I just sold my car… yesterday!

    …and I’m off to canada!
    Vancouver = good public transport!!!!!

  3. Will Reply

    I am by no means helping out the gas crisis with my guzzler, Lincoln Navigator and last time I filled it up, $92.00 (it was 3.97 a gallon).

    Do I win, do I win? 🙂


  4. Nicole Price Reply

    Ha ha ha!!!! I last rode past the gas station with a self satisfied smirk on my face on my new ELECTRIC VEHICLE! I barely restrained myself from yelling ‘so long suckers’ or suchlike juvenile thing. 🙂

  5. Brian Breslin Reply

    $80 last time i filled up at $3.93 gallon (BJs wholesale club discounts gas) in my infiniti FX35 (2005).

    ford, nissan, and others don’t sell their hybrids here (FL) unless its special order (i.e. msrp++++) so relief in that end is not coming any time soon

  6. Alex Stupakov Reply

    My lovely volvo station wagon averages 15.6 MPG, and only takes premium gas. How much is that stuff now – $4.60 yet? I pay more to fuel this thing than the Nissan Pathfinder I had before. Luckily I bike and bus most of the time (thank goodness for Seattle’s public transportation) and fill up less than once a month. But when I do, it hurts!

  7. chartreuse Reply

    My Infinity G35 has sat in my Dad’s garage for last 2 years. Last time I filled the tank gas was $2 and change. And I was pissed about it.

  8. Chris Reply

    It costs me so much to fill up my tank…


    It cost me so much to fill up my tank, I had to put the car up as collateral!
    Now the repo man has my car, and the station is demanding their gas back!

  9. Noah Kagan Reply

    I was feeling bad about $45 for my Honda Del Sol and $15 for my motorcycle. Damn, Will you are the winner, hands down.

    Chartreuse, life changes quickly it seems;P

    Rishi / Jessica, nice cars!

    Lowest winner I think is Mike…

  10. Rachel Reply

    You should have another chance to win this book, and maybe make it something I can win. Possible contest ideas: The Best Almost-Average Coloradan Contest, The Most Unlikely Person to Repeat Attend Community Next Conferences, The Coolest Niece Award…

    Just throwing it out there. You let me know what you decide on. 🙂

  11. chartreuse Reply

    I was waiting for the guy who actually made money putting gas into his car (a cab driver perhaps?) . Time changes quickly indeed.

  12. Nev Reply

    Lexus GS300 (You been in it several times Noah)
    Full tank: $65

    Aprilia Scarabeo 50
    Full tank (of premium): $7.00
    …1.9 gallons and 122 MPG!

  13. Tucker Reply

    $5.17 (1.33Gal X $3.89) to fill up my ride. It’s a Honda Ruckus. I ride it everyday to and from school. And yes I have a car and a motorcycle also but don’t use them much because it’s hard to beat 92MPG!

  14. Alex Sad Man Reply

    Hummer H1 Alpha. 10 mpg, 52.5 gallon tank, diesel. When deisel was around 4$ i paid 200 bucks for a fill up 🙁