eduFire Grouporation: Getting More Peeps to Habla Espanol

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Product: allows people to teach and learn over the Internet using video chat (think education meets eBay meets Tokbox and you’ll get what we’ve built). We’re starting with foreign language teachers and students and will be expanding out from there. The platform is totally open to use to teach and learn and tutors set their own prices for their services. eduFire was recently featured on the CBS News in Los Angeles.

Problem: eduFire launched a couple of months ago and our biggest challenge is getting people to take the plunge and pay someone to tutor them in a brand new way (live, interactive video). Establishing credibility and presenting a call to action are our most important tasks. We’ve found that the vast majority of people who try eduFire love it so most of our energy is focused on how to get people to try that first session.

Questions for OKDorkers:

#1 – What can be done to make people more likely to sign up with a tutor given that most visitors to eduFire have never done online tutoring before?

#2 – What can be done to make the site appear more credible?

#3 – What can we offer someone to try their first session without breaking the bank?

If we use one of your suggestions you’ll receive a free one-hour tutoring session with one of our tutors (worth up to $60).

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4 responses to “eduFire Grouporation: Getting More Peeps to Habla Espanol

  1. Andre Nosalsky Reply

    Couple ideas:

    1) You have have to have some kind of a FREE intro session or enticement session. Maybe something like 10 minutes free and only after that we will ask for your CC.

    2) Initially my reaction is that this will take a long time and I will need to go through a very long technical process to set up and get started, so a fun way to break through this would definitely be helpful.

    3) Make “themed” type of instructions, if I’m planning a vacation to another country, maybe I just want to buy 5 hours of time to learn how to say the basics and also get introduced to the culture. It would be a set package focused on a specific goal for a specific price.

    4) Partner with other companies, such as have the vacation tutorials could be used by a travel site, where they cover the costs after somebody buys a travel package.

    5) Also partner with sites like elance or rentacoder, sometimes seeing the person saves days of communicating via email or IM.

    6) Have an affiliate program where other sites can embed your “widget” and only have the tutors show up that are relevant to that site.

    Hope some of these help.

  2. Jon Bischke Reply

    @Andrew – Great suggestion. Definitely something we’re planning to do in the future.


    #1 – We just implemented this. You can now do a free 10 minute trial lesson with any tutor who is online @ eduFire.

    #2 – Cool. Will think on that one…

    #3 – Yup, multi-session packs is something that I’d love to see us do.

    #4 – Great idea! 🙂

    #5 – I like that. A little outside of our current focus but possibly something we’ll do in the future.

    #6 – Yup, definitely on the roadmap.

    Drop me a line at jon at edufire dot com and I’ll hook you guys up with comp sessions.

    Looking forward to hearing any other suggestions any of you have!

  3. stude Reply

    There is a free version that just started studentteacherexchange dot com

    It’s rudimentary at the moment, but who knows what it will bring.