Obama uses viral marketing to raise money and love

May 27, 2008 - Get free updates of new posts here

My friend Christel Hyden told me how the Obama campaign got her to donate twice as much money–and made her heart Obama more. Here it is in her words:

I decided last night to finally give to Obama because they sent me an email saying that my donation would be matched by someone else, and I love matching funds. But I didn’t realize they were going to literally match me with someone, but then [they] showed me who had matched my donation and gave me a chance to send her a personal note, and I could even have them show her my email address in case we wanted to continue the conversation.

I liked the idea so much that when they sent my confirmation email with a link letting me become a matching donor, I jumped at the chance. They instantly got me to double my original contribution, and I even got a note at 3 AM from a guy in LA, the one whose donation I matched, thanking me and telling me that he’d never contributed to a political campaign before.

The whole system is such a great representation of him not just connecting people, but using simple technology so smartly. And you know I’m gonna vote for a guy who hearts technology.

This post was written by Andrew Warner.