Be Careful what you Advertise

May 15, 2008 - Get free updates of new posts here

Yes, Google Adsense can make you a lot of money but at the same time it can hurt you. Notice anything wrong with this photo?

Solution: Go to Google and filter out your competitor list…

The person with the funniest comment wins the book Difficult Conversations.

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16 responses to “Be Careful what you Advertise

  1. Peter Cooper Reply

    The very day that Google launched “Site Targeting” I went straight on to it and advertised my business on competitors’ sites in the same way! It was funny for a couple of days but ultimately the ads didn’t perform (and it seemed a bit silly anyway) so I pulled them off.

    It was very interesting at the time though, because Google didn’t make much noise about the feature to start with, so I might even have been the first to give it a go!

    I don’t see these targeted site ads very often on Adsense blogs at all nowadays. I wonder why that is.

  2. Sheamus Reply

    Wouldn’t it be just a perfect world if the Adsense on linked back to Red Hot Pawn, with a banner that said, “OK… WE LIED. CLICK HERE TO GO BACK.”

  3. frank Reply

    dood, that is the best book ever… oh ok, now i just noticed i left a similar comment on your book report about that book.. uhhh.. anyway, so yeah, people.. that book is worth it.. and i’m not trying to enter the competition because i already have the book.. just trying to encourage others

  4. Erik Reply

    he prefers RHP because he hasn’t spent any time on really 😉 just like how some people still use AOL email address because they haven’t taken the time to learn gmail…

  5. Juan Reply

    There is a say in Spanish, or more likely, in Argentinean, that says: “The crocodile who sleeps, becomes a wallet” or something like that would be the translation. In this case, it could be: “The King who sleeps, becomes a checkmate”. Did I win the book?? 😛

  6. Harish Reply

    Well, when nerds don’t get any action, they play/watch some Red Hot Pawn. The advertisement is just a quick escape to something a little less.. hot, for when the SO comes home 😉

  7. Noah Kagan Reply

    i prefer redhotpawn for some things since its just for playing chess while has many more features. it reminds me of a multi-printer that can do a lot but vs. a stand-alone printer it won’t do as well in printing.

    the winner of difficult conversations is chris;)