Optimizing: Improving House of Rave

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I was typing up an email of feedback to my buddy Neville when I thought it would be more fun to post it here. I hope he doesn’t mind;)

link to site


Call to Action (CTA): The order button is grey and is semi-transparent. Make it orange, green, yellow. something noticeable! You can’t learn to ride a bike without training wheels.
Linked. Title logo at top is not linked. I know I always click on that to go home and I am guessing others do as well
Web 2.0 IT! Okay, semi-kidding. But honestly please let people who bought it get an email asking them to comment on this page. Allow the people who bought it and like it help you sell it to other people
About page. Whenever I go to buy something from a Google search that’s not Amazon I am very skeptical. So an about page about how long you’ve been in business, a phone # to reach you at and maybe an office photo would help me sleep better at night.

Any other suggestions? If you want me to make some suggestions on your site please leave a comment.

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6 responses to “Optimizing: Improving House of Rave

  1. Daniel Elmore Reply

    Yo, I’ve seen that any kind of Combo Deals/Better Together promotions increase revenue. Buy ABC with XYZ and save 10%, etc. Just list one or two right under the product info.

    I also think that the “Hacker Safe” seals, depending on your niche, can be counterproductive. It merely reminds visitors that hackers do exist and are at work everywhere.

    Noah – Review me: http://tuggle.it 🙂 🙂

  2. Laura Reply

    The faves list is too long, and not having roll over lists screams cheap operation to me for some reason especially when there’s an overuse of animated gifs.
    Given the nature of the site, the descriptions of the items could use a bit of humor or story of some sort, which will keep users on the page longer and may or may not make people want to buy things more (vis a vis woot/thinkgeek although the crowds for those sites are a bit different than here).
    The pictures for the stars and stripes collection at least looks a bit surreal. I have a preference for more realistic pictures of products I’m going to buy without touching.
    Tactile feedback aka rollover animations. This is how i usually figure out something is a link….. and I’m in an area where I can click said link.

    all i can think of for now

  3. Yuval Reply

    OMG. Seizure inducing, isn’t it? 🙂
    No really, I understand the need to show the full effect of the products, but why not use those animated gifs in the product pages where there will only be ONE flashy image? God I sound old…..

    Since this seems to be an established biz, I’d add a banner on home and key landing pages: “Over X years online, served over XXXX happy customers!”

    Another thing that can increase the confidence level is a return policy linked from a nice, prominent “money back guarantee” icon. It can remain in the same page as the shipping policy, but link to it from a separate graphic. I like Amazon cause I can return stuff I thought will be cool but isn’t. I’ll like your site for the same reason.

    Search yields a nearly useless page – no images.


  4. Nev Reply

    Thanks for the suggestions Mr. No-uhh,

    Seems like the most consistent comment is to upsell. I actually just upgraded to the new version of Shopsite that allows me to upsell directly in the shopping cart.

    I’m getting a custom shopping cart layout made for this as we speak. This was one of my priorities for this month:


    As for the seizure inducing .gif images….despite their crazy appearance, whenever I put one of those up the item sells SEVERAL TIMES more than before. They look annoying to some, but eye catching to others.

    I am re-designing the header….god it’s ugly….and I might just do the “xxx customers served since 2001”

    Thanks for the suggestions, more are always appreciated!

  5. PiarasM Reply

    I think for the customer base, the gif images are not too out of place. To be honest, I kind of like them!! That color coaster changer is a must have!!!

    Making the title logo a link to the homepage seems like a good choice.

    With your price point being quite low for a lot of your items, you would really benefit from expanding the discount pricing on larger orders. I see this on some products but why not all?