Learning Viral: Track Everywhere from Linkedin.com

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A really easy and useful thing to track is where your users are registering from. How can you do this?

Basically on every page that you have a registration button you should pull what page they are on when they registered. As well, you can track their path using Goals on Google Analytics or Apache logs. Let’s look at how LinkedIn does it:

click for larger image
Notice the bottom link refers to where they came from (trk=ppro_joinnow) and going (lnk=join_now).

How does this affect virality and what can you do?

– If you can increase your conversion of registrants 10% by improving the flow of their registration or how they get to the registration that can make a HUGE difference.
– See which pages are avoided. Cut them out.
– Use Google optimizer to test pages and increase your conversion metrics by testing text, images, buttons and more…

When I did user testing at Mint.com and at Facebook it was amazingly interesting to see how regular people get to the pages compared to my own usage. Data > Opinions.

What else do you think you can do with this data?

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1 reply to “Learning Viral: Track Everywhere from Linkedin.com

  1. Yuval Reply

    For conversions, in addition to simple a/b testing I like to use a tool called ClickTale. It visually records visitor sessions on your site and can be a real eye opener sometimes.

    You can use similar techniques to measure engagement/interactivity. How many people see and use that expand/collapse button? How many people figured out you can hover over that sentence to open a popup? etc.