Make sure to Zag

April 21, 2008 - Get free updates of new posts here

Everyone’s doing X. You are all going right. I read how an owner of a restaurant threw a knife into the ceiling, why? So the patrons would have something to talk about. So many times we fall back on to what is safe or what will work.

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I don’t think people enjoy, look forward to or remember ordinary and what everyone is doing. They are all zigging. They are all making games for social networks (yea I know). They all made widgets, they loved MySpace, Facebook, twitter, now friendfeed whatever.

I learned at the gorgeous Argentina Recoleta cemetery that to stand out you must Zag. If you have not been it is super large cemetery with some of the most famous people of Argentina. Some takeaways:

  • Make it larger than everyone else. Or possibly even smaller.
  • Make it more lavish or more frugal than ever done before.
  • Put some random crap on your headstone that people will wonder what’s going on.

With so many things the same how is your business going to stand out?

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2 responses to “Make sure to Zag

  1. Howie Reply

    Great message! So many people blindly follow the masses simply because that’s what has always been done