Trendspotting: Chocolate + Bacon

April 17, 2008 - Get free updates of new posts here

The new Starbucks of chocolate has arrived, Voges Chocolate. The days of us being satisfied with $.50 Hersey bars are numbered. Global competition is forcing prices down to $0 on everything (except gas) and I was extremely pleased to find someone going the other way and charging $7.99 a bar! The one I tried was Mo’s Bacon Bar which includes: “Applewood smoked bacon + Alder wood smoked salt + deep milk chocolate.” The salt + sweet flavors = perfection.

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Other flavors include: Black Pearl Exotic Candy Bar ginger + wasabi + black sesame seeds + dark chocolate && Oaxaca Exotic Candy Bar Oaxacan guajillo & pasilla chillies + Tanzanian bittersweet chocolate.

I feel like I work there with how many people I tell about it. It is just so different tasting, like nothing I have ever tried before. This orgasmic chocolate made me realize that to stand out you need to be doing something new or different.You can find them in fancy shmancy places like Whole Foods, etc…

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7 responses to “Trendspotting: Chocolate + Bacon

  1. Raffy Banks Reply

    Their chocolates are amazing! I live right around the corner from their office/testing-factory and every once in awhile I pop in – they are always excited to let you try things they are working on.

  2. Noah Mittman Reply

    Wow, “Starbucks of chocolate” is exactly what I thought of when I first saw their line.

    I tried the ginger/wasabi/sesame bar and while it was good, it was not mindblowing. However, the contents certainly put me in the exotic-chocolatier mindset and I could totally see people buying this as the decadent treat for oneself that Starbucks likes to position their coffee drinks and snacks as.

    I’ve been seeing this as part of a bigger trend, which is focusing products more on the end-user and making them feel good. Originally, a chocolate bar might focus on quality and their idea would be that a higher-grade bar would make people happier. This extended later into marketing, where the brand of the brand would make people happier (you could even cut corners in quality if you did it right). But now, it’s the story of the bar itself, down to the ingredients itself and where (& how) they were sourced. Organic? Check. Powered by renewable energy? Check. Package recycled? Check. Portion going to back to community? You get the idea. I guess it’s a bit like Seth’s Purple Cow, but more grassroots in it’s objective.

  3. noah kagan Reply


    awesome name as always. great call, so many companies as bare minimum just do the “green” thing. Not sure which are genuine or which are fulfilling the expectations of the consumer. i think now to be distinct you may have to ‘waste’ as much as possible;)

  4. (Stanley Bronstein) Reply

    I believe you when you say it’s good, but for some reason when you first mentioned bacon together with chocolate, it didn’t exactly sound too appealing to me.

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  5. David Reply

    Their chocolate are good, but I have to say, they are a little over-priced (great packaging though). I have visited one of their stores in NYC (Soho area), and tried their chocolate drinks. Sorry, but these drinks are not up to the standard associated with a premium chocolate store. The drinks are expensive and made out of cocoa powers. They are not worth the high price no matter what fancy glass they were served in.

  6. Nicole Price Reply

    I have not tried this, but bacon flavored chocolate sounds absolutely foul! I love love love bacon and will not deign to have it flavor chocolate, which i love a little less. And to pay 8 dollars for the treat? No thank you!