The Beer Diet

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I love optimizing things and one of my new favorite things is my body. Yay! Sexy Noah time. Anyways, I wanted to highlight beer optimization or “de” optimizing it. For some reason people don’t realize the big fat ugly things they can cut in business / life to make things better but neglect for some reason.

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Let’s say you are on the beer diet, ie. you like drinking beer. You go out with friends and have a beer, oh the foam is so good and the Ale is delicious. Okay, 5 beers later (6 total) you are now out 720 calories. DAMN! I know. Guess what? Let’s go work that off at the gym, that’s about 1.25 hours of running to match that. Oh wait, you remember those late night munchies you had afterwards. Damn #2. That’s another 1000 calories from those tasty nachos that aren’t so tasty in your stomach this morning.

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What’s the point of this article? We spend way too much time changing pointless things when shifting small things can make large impacts. What’s easier: Running for 3.5 hours to match your 2 hours of fun the night before or just drinking less beer and eating an apple instead of the nachos?

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19 responses to “The Beer Diet

  1. Boris Reply

    Hey!! Are you calling me fat?!!

    did you know that an apple has 110 calories, almost as much as that beer! (beer has 120, according to your above calculations) so if you eat 6 apples instead of drinking 6 beers, you’re still gonna be running for over an hour!

  2. Boris Reply

    I wonder how many calories I will burn by commenting on your blog…and are these okdork-comment calories the same as apple-calories or beer-calories…

    what would you call this sort of experimental inquiry, nutritionblogology?

  3. 0kd0rk Reply

    worth noting that digesting food burns calories. so, although some fruits have X calories, they often net negative calories. that’s right, eating fruits and vegetables can theoretically put in the negative calorie zone.

    beer (carbs) however are easily synthesized thus the body does not have to work hard to burn them off.


  4. Sheamus Reply

    Six pints of beer – as per your picture – of 4-5 per cent lager/ale is about 1200 calories.

    This can be burned off at 7.0kph walking pace (about 4.4mph) on a treadmill, by setting the unit to maximum level (typically 20) and steep(ish) hills (or the ‘random’ setting), in about 70-90 minutes, depending on your bodyweight.

    Yes, it’s a bit of effort, but going out once in a while with friends and making a night of it is rewarding in and of itself. If you do it on a daily basis, then sure, you should expect to pay the price. As a one-off (or rarely), it’s absolutely fine. You could even split the workout over a few days or just cut back on your calorie intake for 72 hours.

    It’s a much better life if we can enjoy the odd brownie, as opposed to none at all. Excess on either side is a bad thing. People, oddly, tend to reject the ‘middle ground’ as being the safer, or boring path, but more often than not it’s the right one for most people. Everything in moderation, and all that.

  5. Ross Hill Reply

    Well the physical ‘benefits’ might be lacking, but the social benefits make it all worthwhile 🙂 It’s 7pm Friday night here in Australia – I’m gonna go practice now.

  6. Monchster Reply

    Give me a Guiness and a juicy steak any day….

    I’m over 30 and I feel like it takes 10 times as much to burn a calorie than it did when I was 16.

    I’m so fat!

  7. Gordon Reply

    I would normally be too pissesd at this time of night
    to have read this article -due to a bad back,i am trying to lose some of my 18stone10lb so i thought i
    had been handed a figleaf when i spotted your article.However the theory is floored after a skinfull
    everyone would forget to eat the apple..