Time Hacks: Rental Cars & Grocery Stores

February 25, 2008 - Get free updates of new posts here

I am working from Uruguay for the week and have two cool hacks for you.

Where is my gas tank?
Do you ever drive a rental or new car and wonder which side of the car your tank is on when you are at the gas station. Look closely at the gas gauge and it will show you which side it’s on.

link to photo

“Oh dude, let’s buy some chicken.” How many times have you gone to the store for one thing and come out with 15? My hack is to only buy what we carry in our hands. Much harder to buy too many things w/o a cart or hand-basket.

Have fun!

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9 responses to “Time Hacks: Rental Cars & Grocery Stores

  1. karen Reply

    great tips. just the other day, my hands were full and a guy asked if I wanted a cart. I declined. My momma taught me to be independent and load up as much as I can in my hands.

    Here’s a few more:
    *use a comb to hold a nail when hammering. saves from boo-boos on your thumb and fingers
    *use dry spaghetti to light tall candles that are too hard to do without burning yourself. again, saves from boo-boos!

  2. Nicole Price Reply

    There is no such indicator on my car. And I actually love to go out and get more things than I had planned for, Saves me future trips. I tend to see things in the store and realize I needed it and forgot to write it down in my list.

  3. Derek Scruggs Reply

    This gas tank indicator thing is a myth. I first heard about it about 15 years ago and have relentlessly tested it on every rental car I’ve gotten since then. Many times the alleged indicator has been wrong.

  4. sri Reply

    u need to position your side view mirror correctly so that you can see which side the gas cap is on. Works wonders!

    More tips:
    >You can flip underwears so that it can be worn twice.
    >When you go to a busy fast food place, dont order. Just pick up someone’s order for free, when they call it out.
    >When you go to subway, pick up the bag of chips for free.
    >When donating to a beggar, pretend ur dropping in coins and pick up the dollar u see.

  5. Nellie Reply

    You know what makes me laugh about the rental car hack? I only realized that people DIDN’T know that about six months ago. I guess it just seemed obvious. Funny what some people notice.

    I have also never found a car where this didn’t work.

  6. savingadvice Reply

    Great shopping tip, but I too love to stock up and limit my trips to the grocery store. Especially with a large family, you can rarely walk out of a store with just an arm full of stuff.