Community Next: Next Generation Media

February 15, 2008 - Get free updates of new posts here

It’s that time of year again. After Karen reached out a few months backed and helped on the successful Community Next Platforms we are putting on Community Next Media.

Okdork readers save 15% for the next few days: register here

This is a cool event in Los Angeles that will talk about the next generation of the web and media. Some of the speakers include:

– David Sacks, founder of Geni
– Alexis, founder of Reddit
Robert Scoble
and many more

The events always sell out. You should come, we’ll hang:) Register now

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4 responses to “Community Next: Next Generation Media

  1. Marcela (aka Pip in the city) Reply

    Totally unrelated to this particular post, but I´m still laughing at the fact that you weren´t teasing me when you told me your blog was called ok dork (in my defense, your first reponses to the simple “what´s the name of your blog” question were utter bullshit, so i figured that was another smartass answer).
    But I have to say I´m enjoying the more philosophical posts you´ve been posting, it never hurts to find different ways to ponder about universal themes like the pursuit of happiness, mixed in with more superficial themes like “wax in or out”.