Kicking ass with Data: Search

January 11, 2008 - Get free updates of new posts here

Sorry for not posting more often. I miss writing to you. I wonder what you are doing. If you are having delicious burritos in the states. They don’t really have them in Argentina. I have just been busy and not figured out my ROI on blogging for 2008. I hate regurgitating uninteresting things. But I will try to write a bit more and post some vids of my tango class.

Lately I have been obsessed with analytical marketing. Looking at the numbers to find out interesting ways to optimize what I am working on.

Let’s look at Facebook: Search for ‘noah,’ yes vanity search.

1. If you search from the sidebar init = q or if you search from the search page init = s
2. Now lets look at the url if you go to the second page of noah’s (wowza, super long):

Wow! That is FREAKING SUPER long, but it makes me hot. Why? It’s really smart and clever what fb, Google and other companies do with your search results.

They make them smarter (self-learning):

a) they see which position you clicked on the person. 1st noah, 2nd noah, etc…
b) how many pages it took you to find the right person
c) where/ how you found the search page
d) learning about which noahs are most popular
e) storing what each person searches for


a) Watch what you click
b) Figure out what you want to accomplish before you measure
c) Optimize those #s to: show better advertisements, show better results & know more about you.

Check out my dinner video with Tim Ferriss in AR. He calls me a wussy;)