What The Police taught me about Marketing

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I just arrived in Argentina and some friends took me to Beck / The Police concert. Beck was blah but The Police (Sting) were truly amazing.

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What I learned:

1- Tailor your product: Sting (lead singer) spoke Spanish to the crowd between songs. Smooth, I know.
2- Involve the user: Beck sang to the crowd. The Police entertained the crowd. The Police got people singing parts of their song and moved around the whole stage.
3- Products market themselves: Their songs were very well done and people told me they heard from other shows that it would be good. And now that I loved it I am sharing it with all of you.

Adios las carnitas.

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6 responses to “What The Police taught me about Marketing

  1. Small Business Marketing Reply

    Not all products market themselves. If that were true we would have no marketers. The other two I buy wholeheartedly.

    Hope you had a great time in Argentina. My greatest thrill was getting to spend some time one weekend looking at some eighty year old couples dancing the tango in one of the town squares in Buenos Aires. Oh how beautifully they danced. Oh I wish that in a couple of decades when I get there I can be that graceful.

    Thanks for bringing back fond memories.

  2. David Reply

    very good points!
    how does that vary on the Internet?
    I guess it is more of various forms of the same principle…

    Thanks for sharing the video. yup… it is really cool and i have been following up with it via Facebook.
    In fact, if no other university besides Stanford as the first, we might be the 2nd in the world offering a class on Facebook. That’s National University of Singapore. I am going to miss it coz i am still not back in Singapore yet.


  3. Gratefully Rich Reply

    hi !!!!
    Marketing is about meeting the right person at the right time rather than waiting in the line to market the product. high time good strategies are available to all without experts help.

  4. Jen, writer MembershipMillionaire Reply

    I’m a HUGE fan of Sting and I still love most of his songs from when he was with The Police. Another great thing about Sting is that he is one with his product. He truly believes in his music and shares them with everybody. It’s genuine. It’s like knowing when a salesman is just giving you the talk to get you to buy and when a salesman is truly enthusiastic about his product.