Going to Argentina

November 30, 2007 - Get free updates of new posts here

I wrote a few weeks back that I am going to Argentina and the day is tomorrow. I know I should have said sooner but you were so busy;)

link to photo

Anywho. Frequently asked questions:

Why are you going? Why not?

What are you doing there? Because I am running an internet company and luckily the internets are everywhere, I can work on them from anywhere.

1- It’s always been my dream to work internationally, kind of a psuedo study/work abroad trip.
2- I want to live in my own place & travel.
3- I want to learn Tango.

Can I come?
Fuck yes. I am renting a big loft in Buenos Aires from Dec-March that ANYONE is welcomed to crash at as long/short as they want.

How are the burritos there?
Not sure but that is my real reason for going:)

Anything else?