Do you change your Underwear?

November 27, 2007 - Get free updates of new posts here

I was having a delicious Chipotle burrito with a friend today when he explained his business to me. He talked about the way people are and how his service is much easier and more efficient than how people are now. I completely agreed and said the HARDEST and BIGGEST challenge to a website and a guaranteed failure is if you try to significantly change the way people currently behave.

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People have routines. They have their 24 hours in a day and know how they are going to use it.

What would it take for you to change your showering routine? What would it take for you to change your daily teeth-brushing (hopefully twice a day)? Probably a WHOLE lot. For me it would be to start showering but for almost everyone else it would be a tough sale to get them to do it a new way. I think the electric toothbrush is a great example of something much better and a similar habit to what people were currently doing.

Why do we want to make things that change people? I think we need to start creating things that adjust to people and build from their current experiences. To actually change someones routine there would need to be a HUGE benefit.

What is something you changed recently?

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5 responses to “Do you change your Underwear?

  1. frank Reply

    still in the process of changing the way i look at meeting new ppl and establishing connections. reading “never eat alone”. insightful book. i recommend. i think i’ve changed some already.

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  3. Katie Konrath Reply

    I recently changed the time I get up in the morning. Of course, it was pretty easy to adjust since I was already adjusting to a new time zone anyways.

    But it’s nice to be up earlier and to actually be ok with it. Usually I’ve been a horrid grump in the mornings and I’m actually more human now.

  4. Sri Reply

    I love this idea
    ” I think we need to start creating things that adjust to people and build from their current experiences”

    You marketing bastard…you!!

    My ideas for a better world:
    1) an underwear that has several layers and self degenerates.
    2) cars that dont need oil change or make oil change as easy as filling up at the pumps.
    3) instead of raises because economic outlook for 2008 is not that great, offer blowjobs at work.
    4) make half size chipotle for half the, what a concept!