Know your Guests

November 20, 2007 - Get free updates of new posts here

Last weekend I went to one of my favorite places in Calfornia called Solvang where the movie Sideways was filmed. It’s an amazing wine town with friendly people, pleassant atmosphere and tons of amazing wine. Anywho, being cheap aka practical I booked a room at Motel 6 with my friend and noticed some interesting things.


I think when we create things in general we need to think about who we really are making it for. Motel 6 knows their customer:

1- There was a bottle opener built into the bathroom
2- There were 3 ash trays in the room.
3- The wake up phone call was Tom Bodett saying that I won $10 million dollars. Psych!
Bonus: They have an hourly rate:) (props to Karen)

How would you describe a normal Motel 6 guest?

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9 responses to “Know your Guests

  1. Silus Grok Reply

    Who’s their customer?


    … a tea-totaling Mormon who’d never avail himself of the hourly rates — nor the ashtrays. I can’t abide spending wads of cash on a place to sleep. I’ve always had good service and I like their advertisements.

    I always stay at Motel 6.

  2. Will Reply

    That shit is funny! I have noticed other hotel chains in their bracket that do some of the same things.
    It is all about understanding and catering to your target demographic.

    You got rid of Disqus for commenting, what happened?

  3. karen Reply

    Not sure why the bottle opener is included in the room. I see a typical Motel 6 customer as one who drinks Natural Light from a can. No need for the bottle opener…too much work!

    Normal customer? Owner of domain…’nuff said!

    And don’t ask how I know about the hourly rate. ;P

  4. Chet Ludlow Reply

    I happen to know something about Motel 6 and there are a couple things that should be cleared up here. First, Motel 6 doesn’t charge hourly rates. That’s a myth. Second, the ashtrays are in the rooms, even the no smoking rooms, because people will smoke whether they’re supposed to or not and better to have them using an ashtray than a paper bag or styrofoam cup and setting the place on fire.

  5. modifoo Reply

    Here in Europe it is pretty standard with the bottle opener in the bath room – but I never found out why they put it there. Wouldn’t a place near the minibar, the bed or the TV be more obvious.

    Anyhoo – cool idea with the wake up call.

  6. karen Reply

    had to share this…staying at a hotel tonight, they have bath and body works stuff in the bathroom. AND…I just got a delivery to my door which includes nice note, a fruit and cheese platter, mixed nuts and a chilled mini-bottle of Chardonnay. they also sent a wine glass, but screw that…I’m drinking straight from the bottle! 😉 It’s going to be a good night!

    This ain’t no Motel 6…that’s for sure!

  7. Christie Reply

    I’d take the room Karen is staying in………

    However, I have stayed in a Motel 6, to tired to drive any further and was the quickest place to pull over to.

    I think it is the bedding in a Motel 6 that totally freaks me out. The paper thin comforter you could see through if you held up to a light and the sheets you really hope were washed in hot water with extra soap.

    Hope all is well on your trip & your rental is much nicer than the motel 6