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November 13, 2007 - Get free updates of new posts here

Random thought of the day: Why do we shake hands when we meet someone and leave someone professionally? I think it’s ultra-traditional, doesn’t signify much and is semi-dirty. Yea, I know I am one to talk about that. Anyways, can we bring back high-fives, hugs, punches with explosions, etc…

Women2 is putting on an event about being an entrepreneur within a large company. Kind of an oxymoron but I guess it happens…

I am speaking at Opportunity Green on Saturday.

Opportunity Green

I am working from LA this week if anyone is around.

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12 responses to “noah in la

  1. Frank Reply

    oh no way! i know where ucla is! :oD
    :oP :o)
    that’s cool, i mite actually go. then i will have seen u for the first time since…. elementary school??? hahah.
    don’t forget to bring back the business jumping chest-bump. the only way to close a deal.

  2. karen Reply

    I agree handshaking is dirty…especially when places have ‘greeters’ like church or weddings. ICK! How do you tactfully not shake someone’s hand when they thrust it at you?

    maybe you can test out some new things south of the border. tell them it’s the new way the U.S. is doing things. they’ll never know the difference! I suggest the ‘good game’ love pat. 😉

    thanks for changing comments back. and quit using smidgen…that’s my word!

  3. Izzy Neis Reply

    Woo hoo! Welcome to LA, Mr. Noah. Feel free to throw a rock in my general direction if you’re bored. (Throwing rocks & kicking shins are a heck of a lot cooler than punching people)

  4. Aaron Reply

    I’m a fan of the “Roman Hand Clasp”. It’s powerful yet intimate. And contact is hand to forearm, thereby minimizing the germs that spread by clasping hands. It’s the business handshake of the future! Give it a try.

  5. Joe Reply

    Really good to see you again bud. Thanks for making time to see me and Carol, and for your encouraging words and advice. BTW, remind me – what was the name of that book? Propeller Head or something?

  6. joshua strebel Reply

    Without the handshake how would go about sending the “my junk is bigger than your junk” message a ultra firm handshake does.

    Honestly I think the handshake does still tell a lot about a person. The older crowd damn near crushes your hand, but the kids coming up shake like they have zero arm strength, which is false because we know they have been clutching a game console controller since birth.

    The firm handshake and eye to eye contact as a measure of integrity and “machismo” will not go away any time soon.

    Sometimes I forget women are more delicate, I had a business women actually say “oww” and pull her hand away because I crushed it. Her 4 male business partners did the hand crush thing on me moments earlier, and I forgot to lighten up on her.

  7. Eric Wu Reply

    Hey Noah, it was really cool meeting you at Opportunity Green…
    and yeah, it’s a lot cooler to give a high five.
    Or maybe even a light slap on the ass if someone did a really good job.

  8. Adam Reply

    i’m pretty sure it’s a relic from the middle ages when shaking hands was evidence that you were not carrying a weapon. also note that some primates clasp their hands above their heads and shake them as a greeting (do it, it feels pretty natural). i think they proved this behavior was widespread enough to have genetic/ instinctive roots and not just cultural persistence.

    however, this could all be totally wrong, but it’s what i’ve heard