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November 7, 2007 - Get free updates of new posts here

A few of you may know but I am seeing a Life Coach. For some reason a lot of people find this interesting so I thought I would give her a shot out.

Ever since Facebook I have gone through a lot personally and professionally. Lots of ups and downs like a roller coaster. I was talking with a serial entrepreneur a few months ago and he mentioned that he is seeing Erica Leder who works with entrepreneurs on life. Is “life coach” a new name for a shrink? Kind of, but better…

Why do I go?
I go to bounce ideas off a person who has no investment in me or the outcome, an objective opinion. I go to talk about my feelings/worries/excitements and the best way to think about things. I go to address problems I recognize myself to have.

Does it work? That takes time to know if the suggestions/changes are sustainable. I’d like to think they are. She really helps recognize things I need to improve on and work on ways (“homework”) to solve them. It’s quite worth the money and you know how cheap I am. That’s another thing she taught me, a lot of value comes in the way you frame things. Think of it as an investment and what my ROI should/will be from meeting with her.

Results? I am trying really hard to be on time for things. To think about decisions that are genuine and authentic. To say yes and no to the things I really want to do. A few other things that are confidential….

PS. And no I don’t lay down on the couch. I straddle it;)

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3 responses to “My Life Coach

  1. t h rive Reply

    Cool. sounds like an okay idea, in that I won’t hold it against you (smirk). I like to think my parents are strong in this sense. They’re definitely not as objective as a ‘coach’, but they’re great to bounce things off of. In fact right now I’m in constant touch with them about my career development plans. I can’t take everything they say as solid (baby boomers), but it helps to diminish some ideas, while grooming others…

    my older bro is good for that too, though of course, family like i said, won’t be as objective.

  2. Tyler Reply

    I have a life coach too.

    When I embarked on setting up a new business in a foreign country whilst navigating a difficult relationship I knew I needed someone to bounce things off of. Most of the time I just bitch about how everyone is pissing me off, but once in a while there’s some real insight from our conversation.

    He also pushes me to think about what “my gut” says in any given situation. That’s pretty helpful too.

    I also have a super supportive family, but they’re not always able to invest the time and energy into hearing the minutia. Neither are friends. Life coaching is going to get bigger because of this IMHO.

  3. Angela Shelton Reply

    I am a life coach. 😉

    Coaches are a good idea! I have a few super big-wig mentors too that are extremely helpful. It seems like those who are successful really do want to help those who are working towards it. And mentors don’t cost you money either if you simply ask if they will mentor you. Some of them won’t do it but others (millionaires and billionaires I’ve noticed) love to help. It seems to me that it’s like playtime for them to help the wee ones.

    I suggest having more than one. Of course, I’m a dork and I love homework.