You "Coasters"

October 26, 2007 - Get free updates of new posts here

I got called this today. I was 5 minutes late for a call with someone from Wisconsin when he put it out there. I am a Coaster. Ouchies, that really hurt my feelings.

Here is how I would describe a “Middie”:

– Always on time
– Send emails that have punctuations, capitalizations and proper grammar
– Work for a large firm
– Don’t tell people to connect with them online
– They give firm handshakes

Disclaimer: This was approved by someone from Nebraska

Are you a coaster or a middie?

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10 responses to “You "Coasters"

  1. karen Reply

    I’m almost 100% sure I know who said this, but would be interested in hearing more. If it’s who I think it was, he had another call with a ‘coaster’ earlier that day!

    I’m actually laughing out loud about this. Great way to start my day!

    Me? I claim to be a Southerner. 😉

  2. Mike Sabat Reply

    This may be true. Although many people think of NYC as being on a tight schedule it is actually rather relaxed (sort of). It is usually expected for one party to be late to a meeting. Believe it or not we start work pretty late also. Average start time is probably 9AM or later. My Dad in OH starts work at 730.

    All that said, I don’t think we can out-coastie California. Only because we can’t wear sandals in January.

  3. Selena Reply

    I have learned that no matter how brilliant you are, if you’re consistently late for your anyone, you’ll have a hard time getting them to take you seriously. At the end of the day, people just want you to know that their time is as valuable as theirs.

    Also, I don’t think it matters whether you’re a Middie or a Coaster, everyone’s late sometimes. Shit happens. Everyone makes mistakes, so chin up. 😉

  4. Nii A. Reply

    It might be a CA phenom to be perpetually 5 minutes late to all meetings… I can’t remember the last meeting that I went to that started on time. In fact i’m late for one right now

  5. Pete Swisher Reply


    One has to wonder where would the internet be w/out that good old fashioned midwestern work ethic.

    That said, I consistently show up to X:00:00 meetings at X:00:59. Call me daring.

  6. Biff Reply

    Is it possible to be a coasting middie? If so, I might be on the way to being that…from one direction or the other. I don’t know. Maybe that’s symptomatic…?