Pwn your Time!

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Too much of our day we give it away to people, things & places that we don’t want to. Stop it. No really, stop letting others slut out your time.

What is the 1 thing in life you can never get back? Time

After talking with my good buddy Jon from edurev last night I really absorbed this thought. It’s not that you can’t meet new people, watch tv, etc… but controlling the ways you use your time and not allowing others to direct how it’s going to be.

Two days ago I got the chance to talk with a very impressive entrepreneur who I loved talking with on the phone. He suggested we meet in person to discuss more business issues. He said one of the coolest things ever:

“Noah let’s layout the objective of this meeting”

Booyah. I Fell in LOVE right at that point. It is not that everything has to be black/white, benefit/cost, giver’s gain, etc… It’s about in certain situations having clear expectations and responsibility of how you are going to spend that time, makes the time more useful and beneficial.

How are you letting others pwn your time and what are you going to do about it?

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9 responses to “Pwn your Time!

  1. Taige Reply

    sometimes, it’s better to just not think too too much about how to optimize time. and just use your emotions. if it makes you happy, then it’s probably worthwhile.

    btw there’s a lot of things in life you can never get back. for example, people, stuff you lost, stem cells that differentiated….

  2. Jay Reply

    I start most days trying to think ‘what can i do today to move me closer to my objectives’. Sometimes I have good days, sometimes i have time slutty days.

  3. Britt Raybould Reply

    One of the hardest things you can do is re-evaluate the value of your current relationships and the time they take. In some ways, even more than new relationships, old relationships can drain you of time because of the shared history and a desire to maintain/save the relationship.

    I have one friend in particular who is a time drain because there’s been no evolution in the relationship. We’ve had the exact conversation at every meeting and on every call for at least three years now. However, I’ve been loathe to say “enough” because our link goes back 15 years. So I tolerate the boring lunches and inane chatter out of respect for events that happened a long time ago. How’s that for being a time slut?

  4. karen Reply

    All business meetings should have an objective, otherwise–what’s the point?

    I think it’s the ‘people pleaser’ in us that allows others to pwn our time. Once you come to the realization that ‘this is my time, not theirs’, it’s easier to push the ‘people pleaser’ aside and move into a ‘business pleaser’ frame of mind.

    One way I’m not letting others pwn my time is by putting up a ‘Be a peach, do not disturb’ sign (complete with pic of a peach and all!) on my cubicle when I’m deep into work mode. Too often, people stop by to ‘chat’ and distract me when I’m in the zone. The people pleaser pops up and wants to be hospitable and chat with them, but deep in the back of my mind, the ‘business pleaser’ is telling me to nip it in the bud and get back to work.

    I’m also going to make sure my new business partner is aware of objectives for future meetings to help us stay on task. 😉

  5. jen_chan, writer Reply

    Time is not something you can ever get back. A lot of people are aware of this yet they spend a lot of time thinking about the past and deliberating over what happened, what should have happened and how they could have made more use of the time given them. Which is, in my opinion, making them lose more time. Reflection is a good thing but dwelling in the past will only take up more of your time.