Spotting Trends: Dancing

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I just heard the Soula Boy “Crank Dat” song and it’s super addicting. The more interesting thing is that he created a dance to go along with the song. I am no dancer but I’ve been doing it in my room at night:) There are over 5,000 dance videos and 1 video with over 14,000,000 plays on YouTube.

Video link for RSS people.

There is also the chicken noodle dance craze, over 6,000 vids made. Video here

I know is going to do something around all the kids making dance vids. Some interesting questions for you:

– Why are these videos so viral?
– Why are people participating so much?
– How do we find out these new trends before “white people” find them?

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14 responses to “Spotting Trends: Dancing

  1. karen Reply

    first off…I’m about to pee my pants at the thought of you doing this dance in your room. Please, please, PLEASE make a video of it and post it so we can all dance along with you. 😉

    Think about all the great ‘dance’ songs…the Macarena, the Cha Cha slide, the Electric Slide, etc. etc. Why are these songs/dances so popular? Here’s my theory…there are way too many people who can’t dance and need all the help and instruction they can get who love these songs and make them wildly popular.

    If you need a song to tell you how to shake your groove thang, you shouldn’t be on the dance floor. Take a hint from Noah and keep it in the bedroom!

  2. JR Reply

    Superman dat “o”!!! Hilarious Kagan – we could have been doing this dance when you visited me in ATL… the song was about a few months old at the time and was already all over the radio… lol… be sure to check out the crank dat “batman” and “spiderman” – The computer and the kids are sure now becoming the stars of today as your boy Busta’ Rhymes talks about in this studio session video (hilarious but some truth to it):

  3. joshua strebel Reply

    The kids are savvy enough to leverage the technology at hand. Youtube and the like will be the launching ground for new talent over then next 10 years i am betting. Cost vs benefit. 2million$ video on mtv, or underground track release and 5000 homebrew videos of your music single? Which as a wider appeal? Which is easier to pull off for a start up artist?

  4. Brian Breslin Reply

    Noah, I think you’re a few months behind. you need to listen to more BET or hip hop to keep up with trends. i wouldn’t be surprised if dancejam blows up. maybe its the 2nd coming of mc hammer…

    The reason songs like this are popular is because they are club bangers, an important subset of hip hop/rap. All the rappers who put out club bangers do a new dance move with them to promote them. Think “2 step” or lean back, or even 5 years ago the petey pablo “helicopter” song ( )

    or all the way back to 2 live crew…

  5. karen Reply

    Jason–BLASPHEMY! How dare you compare the ‘new and improved’ Britney to the always great “Miss Jackson, if you’re nasty!”

    Noah–I just ordered you a subscription to “The Source” magazine. Don’t get it confused with the other mags you get that come wrapped in brown paper. =) I’ll take you to a hip hop class sometime…

    Brian–I’m impressed you even know what BET is. We should hang out and hit up the clubs! You gotta get, that, dirt off your shoulder…

  6. karen Reply

    what do you mean ‘IF I can keep up’? I don’t remember seeing you on the dance floor in SF. I lead the way on the dance floor and look forward to some good salsa dancing in Miami, the city that keeps the roof blazing!

    No need to tell me there’s no ‘flava’ in Madison. I already know and it drives me nuts!