Come Party with me on Friday

October 3, 2007 - Get free updates of new posts here

With the magical coordination of Andrew Chen, Johnny Lam & Karen Hartline the 3rd Community Next is this weekend. We are nearly sold out (3 tickets left) for the Friday developer day (most of top 100 Facebook developers attending + $5,000 iron code off) and Saturday with tons of great platform discussions to come.

I love the people who attend, free red bulls we serve all day, open bar parties we are throwing Friday/Saturday and doing my best to make sure everyone gets something worthwhile out of the event. I think one of the biggest compliments is just the idea that people are flying in from other countries to attend. Insane huh? Why does this post feel like a diary entry? Anyways.

We are throwing a party in Sunnyvale, Ca this Friday Oct 5th. It’s open bar at Scruffy Murphys… I want you all to come. Free Irish car bombs, great people, etc…I can put you on the guest list if you are really going to come. Leave a comment if you can.

PS. Interesting enough Karen Hartline messaged me through okdork to help her with some marketing on Intervarsity. Some how I tricked her into working on Community Next… Maybe that’s a sign that you shouldn’t ask me for help:)