That Damn Parking Spot

September 28, 2007 - Get free updates of new posts here

I woke up this morning at 6:20am to move my car from the tow away zone that started at 7am. I barely woke up, got in my car and drove around for 20 minutes. I got behind this one car and waited for him to leave. I sat patiently while singing about “embrellas” and waited and waited. Just then I realized that guy pulled out of a red zone and went down the street to an open spot. SHIT. Are you kidding me?

At that moment I totally realized something about competition.

Make sure you are not looking just at your competition. Don’t be short sighted; look forward to what you really want to accomplish.

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10 responses to “That Damn Parking Spot

  1. Nicholaus Harris Reply

    I’m moving back to the Bay area (Berkeley) on Monday after a year up at Tahoe and the parking situation is one thing I’m not looking forward to! If there was better public transportation to Tahoe where my family lives, I would probably just sell my car.

  2. Stephen Pitts Reply

    It can be an easy mindset to get into. You need to be aware of your competition and address opportunities, however, many times you can become complacent or exhausted and not really look to what you really need to be focused on, you vision!

    If you pattern your behavior around keeping track of where others are, you can miss out on the paths to success that you pass on your journey. Habits start with the second time you do something. Be in the habit of doing what your competition is not. Look to distinguish yourself, product or service from your competition or you will always be following rather than leading.

  3. mozomo Reply


    Next time try the Viulaizing technic….i.e shown in the DVD The Secret….each time wherever you need parking, start thinking there is always a spot for u…then drive to the place with Happy mindset and when u reach there…u mite find a parking spot!

  4. Boris Reply

    watching your competition as they try something first gives you the advantage of seeing whether they’re investing in a good strategy without yourself investing in one.

    if you saw a car about to leave a spot, check the curb (if you can see it), or check for a meter. Is this other car making a smart choice, no? move on.

    It’s important to analyze your competition, just don’t get fixated. Grab what’s good and move on, make it better.

  5. Orit Reply

    2 amazing things-
    1. finding a parking place is the same horror all over the world. The only difference is we get up on a different 7am than yours in Tel Aviv. But it is always in order to move our car to a safe placeï?Š.
    2. you chose the wrong dip dude…just check your dips and all would be fine.

    Ho, and BTW- Great great post!

  6. sri Reply

    Good post my friend….good post!

    Happened to me awhile back as well. Saw this chick sitting down and i stood around her hoping to introduce myself but when she got up, she had way too much junk in the trunk…..way too much….i think a bag of frito lay was stuck to her ass…..and my buddy managed to land a nicer chick just few chairs away. damn!