My new favorite word

September 26, 2007 - Get free updates of new posts here

Fundamental. Fun-da-mental. What a great combination of words! I use this about 10 times a day now. It’s a great word getting to the basics of what you are trying to accomplish. What is the real point of something?

I thought about business lately and it really boils down to people.

When you don’t get a job, is it a company that didn’t hire you? No, it is that guy who thought you were a douche or wasn’t impressed with you.

Did you not close a sale? Yea, that was one person (a human being some call them) or a few saying they didn’t like you or your product.

Fundamentally (notice tie in from above), business is about people. Being nice to them, treating others respectfully and realizing they are human and watch “So you think you can dance?” just like you. Think of the fundamentals in trying to get new things done.

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13 responses to “My new favorite word

  1. karen Reply

    I disagree with the comment about who hires you and closing the sale. I’ve always been interviewed by a panel of people. In fact, the last job that I interviewed for and thought it was mine, I found out later that the person who would’ve been my supervisor would’ve been happy with any of the 3 finalist, but the panel selected the final candidate and it was close.

    I don’t know which is worse…knowing you blew it and how or knowing how close you really were with no explanation.

    I do know that you can’t dwell on it. I now know that it wasn’t meant to be and something better had to be in store in the future…and I was absolutely correct! It’s hard to think that way in the moment though, isn’t it?

    Not only is business about people, but life is about people too. Great post, Kagan. Has made me think about my ‘full-time job’ and things I need to change.

  2. karen Reply

    *Adrian–Lacey, Lauren and Jessi completely irked me. Though Lacey was a great dancer, she never would’ve won as there would’ve been talk since she’s Benji’s sister.

    I think Sabra won because it was Lacey and her in the finals and they needed a girl to win. I always wonder if these shows are semi-rigged with who the winner’s going to be. =)

    **I had to double post so I could tie up with Nick for “Top Commenters”. It’s the competitor in me…

  3. Tien Nguyen Reply

    That is simplifying things a bit, but there is a reason interviews generally go beyond one person, as Karen said. You don’t want to let just one person dictate the whole process because, as stated, that person’s judgment may be questionable and solely relying on it would lead to trouble..