What I learned from Harry Potter

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I just finished book 7 in Israel last week and nearly teared. Truly, the best book out of the series! It’s a great book for all ages that I think has some fundamental things we can all learn from:

  • Friends are important. Helping each other helps yourself.
  • Love conquers all (cheesy but semi-true)
  • Writing children’s fantasy books can make you a billionaire

Anything else?

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18 responses to “What I learned from Harry Potter

  1. Matt Snider Reply

    I learned that the masses like shitty fantasy books. There are some truly awesome fantasy series and harry potter is not one of them.

    The marketing machine behind the potter series is truly amazing. They could sell ketchup to women in white clothes…

  2. Charles Hudson Reply

    Overall, I thought that Book 6 was the best. I thought there was a bit of “God by Machine” toward the end of Book 7 and JK Rowling’s reading felt fatigued in the last 3rd of the book. Plus, I could have done without the epilogue.

    One thing I really do like, however, is that the HP franchise showed most of the characters from a variety of perspectives, some positive and some negative.

  3. Britt Raybould Reply

    Noah, I loved them too. I held out and read all of them, right in row, after number seven came out. It was an intense nine days 🙂

    Dumbledore was right…people have to choose between making the right choice and the easy choice. They aren’t always the same.

  4. Shivani Reply

    Don’t prejude people – aka Snape – he was mean, but he was also the person that was making sure Harry was protected

    Touching story – I love HP 🙂 The 4th and 7th books were my favs (i could have done without the epilogue, too, but it was a nice children’s book closing)

  5. Joe Reply

    Friends are important. Helping each other helps yourself. – Helping friends is hard and requires work.
    Love conquers all (cheesy but semi-true) – having love, the kind that is recipricale is hard, it too requires work.
    Writing children’s fantasy books can make you a billionaire – writing books is hard, it requires work.

    I learned that I can have it all…

    As long as I work, and work, my friends, is hard.

    HP is the best series out there. I was saddened to see it end. Bad writing and slow parts included. Most startups will tell you, get the product to market, then worry about the rest. JK Rowling delivered the books, although not perfect, they were wonderful and filled with great times at Hogwarts.

  6. Jason H. Reply

    Confession—I’m probably the only OkDork reader who hasn’t read any of the HP books.

    However, the most important lesson I learned from HP is that anything is possible and never give up your dream—how J K Rowling went from being a single mother on welfare to become the richest woman in England. She is truly an inspiration to me 🙂

  7. karen Reply

    Jason—you’re not the only one. I wish I read more than I do (which is hardly at all…though I have a book with me today that I hope to get to as I’m sitting outside all day.)

    I totally agree with the “Friends are important. Helping each other helps yourself” statement and have learned so much about myself as I’ve helped others. I don’t know what I’d do without my friends.

    Which leads me to ask for help in reaching that unreachable spot on my back with some sunscreen…help…anyone???

  8. karen Reply

    Hmmmm….crossing ‘reading of Okdork.com’ off my daily list now. Whew—I have so much to do anyways! Thanks Noah for freeing up time in my schedule. =)

  9. sportsdork36 Reply

    MY take on book Seven was she took to long getting into some of the chapters. I did not like the chacters that died. I felt that it should of been one of the main ones. Also she left alot open still. Which who know this may lead to another series. But rating the books I like Book 6 the best, then 4, then 7. I think she could of had the final fight seen a little more of a battle.

  10. Stephen Pitts Reply

    Don’t be a hater! HP (it sounds interesting) seems like it can take some serious time to get into, some of us don’t have that kind of time.

    However, the cheesy bit about love conquering all, it may not be totally true, but love can make everything else less important. So, I guess you can make that claim, but like most things, it is still a matter of perspective!


  11. sri Reply

    never read a potter book. What i really learned about the whole potter thing is that…..just write a book and there is a chance to become a billionaire.

    I am in the process of writing one. I am about 1/4th done. Watch for it in spring 2008. Hairy Pokeher and the sorcerer’s 2 stones. I hope its the next big thing.

    Question: does potter live or die in the end?

  12. Pete Swisher Reply

    I learned that I will miss this series very, very much. Almost as much as BTVS.

    I also learned that if you are prophecied to win, there is no way you can lose, no matter how much you screw up or betray your hiding spot!

    I was surprised the female characters didn’t have a stronger showing. JK doesnt’ strike me as much of a feminist. But, she is a darn good writer.

    The comments about it not being a good fantasy series are odd. Is the market not allowed to determine what books they like? Do we need a fantasy critics committee to tell us what we should read?

    IMO, whatever gets kids to read is an absolutely great thing.